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Judy Warren Age, Net Worth, Love Life, Wiki, Bio, Family, Husband, Occupation, Real Name, And 5 Details You Should Know!

Want to know about Judy Warren age, family, occupation? Read further to get all the information about Judy Warren.

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Judy Warren age
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Judy Warren Personal Life

Keen to know about Judy Warren? Read further to get all the details about her early life. Get to know how she grew up and how she had to live when her parents were investigating the paranormal.

Judy Warren grew up as the child of the world’s first demonologists or ghost hunters. She spent most of her childhood with her grandmother Georgiana in nearby Bridgeport. This is because Judy could not live with her parents, Ed and Lorraine Warren who were usually on paranormal adventures. She attended Catholic school, and most of her classmates were unaware of Judy’s parents’ jobs.

Judy Warren Parents

Judy Warren is most popularly known as the real-life daughter of Ed and Lorraine Warren. Her parents were paranormal investigators. Her father, Ed Lorraine was born on 7th September 1926 and her mother, Lorraine Warren was born on 31st January 1927. Ed died in the year 2006 in August, and Lorraine passed away in the year 2019 April.

Ed and Lorraine Warren
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Ed and Lorraine Warren

Want to get more information apart from Judy Warren age? Edward Warren Miney and Lorraine Rita Warren were American paranormal investigators. Ed Lorraine was a self-taught and self–professed demonologist, author, and lecturer. Lorraine was clairvoyant and professed a light trance medium. The couple worked together. The couple claimed that they have investigated more than 10,000 cases during their career.

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The warrens founded the New England Society for Psychic Research (NESPR) in the year 1952. IT is the oldest ghost hunting group located in New England. The most famous of their investigations include Annabelle, the Perron Family, Amityville, and Smurl family investigations.

The Conjuring

The conjuring is one of the most famous movies based on a true investigation that the Lorraines conducted. The Perron family investigation is the most popular case done by Lorraines. The first movie was released in the year 2013 and was directed by James Wan. It is an American supernatural horror film.

Judy Warren Age

Do you want to know Judy Warren age? Eager to read when and where she was born? Continue reading the article to find out Judy Warren age and her birth date.

Judy was born in the year 1950 on 6th July in Connecticut. She turned 71 years old this year. As a child, Judy was raised in a Christian household and she developed a strong sense of faith and belief from a very young age. When she was young, Judy was instructed to never enter the occult museum as that museum contained imprisoned supernatural artifacts.

A difference between the movie and Judy’s real life was that she never had to grow up with the raggedy doll in her presence. The doll was brought into the home by her parents in the year 1971 when she was already an adult.

Judy Warren Net Worth

Want to know more details apart from Judy warren’s age? Get information about Judy’s net worth by reading further.

Acting is the main source of income for Judy warren and she also gets a good amount of money from her sponsors and advertisers. It has been estimated that her net worth is 3 million US dollars to 6 million US dollars. In 1981, when her father, Ed Lorraine suffered a heart attack due to a demonic attack, she visited him daily and also bore the expense of his hospital to some extent.

Judy Warren Husband

Want to know about Judy’s husband and get information apart from Judy Warren age? Read here.

Judy married Tony Sperra, a police officer who used to work with her parents closely during the investigation. In an interview, she told that when she met Tony Spera it was easy for her to interact with him and he was one of the very few people who knew the truth about Judy’s parents’ jobs.

When Tony used to work for the Warrens, he carried the job of providing group museum tours, and Annabelle was the main focal point of that tour. However, later many tourists complained about some disruptions and the museum was shut down. Tony has installed a security system around the museum to ensure that Annabelle or any other artifact does not get stolen.

Judy and Tony Spera
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Judy Warren Lesser Known Facts

Want to read more details about Judy Warren apart from Judy Warren age? Keen to gather information and facts about her? Do read this to know everything there is to know about Judy Warren.

Judy was one of the main characters of the Conjuring horror film series and also made an appearance as the main protagonist in Annabelle comes home which is a 2019 film. In several interviews, Judy has reported that she is still scared of the raggedy doll called Annabelle.

Judy Warren was very close to her parents, and her parents too loved her dearly even though they were not together usually. In 1971, she got a pair of necklace lockets for her and her mother. Her locket contained a picture of her parents and Lorraine’s locket had a picture of Judy.

Judy Warren is a pet lover and currently runs the Warren’s Occult Museum with her husband of 33 years. In school, none of her classmates knew about the real job of Judy’s parents. When she was in the sixth grade, she asked her father what she would tell her schoolmates. Her father told her that he is a landscape artist.

Judy Warren FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about Judy Warren including Judy Warren age and her height and weight.

What is Judy Warren height?

She is 5 feet 8 inches tall or 173 cm.

What is her weight?

She weighs approximately 60 kg.

What are Judy Warren measurements?

Her body measurement is 36-27-37.

What is Judy Warren age?

She is 71 years old.

What is her zodiac sign?

Her zodiac sign is cancer.

What is her eye color and hair color?

Her eye color is dark brown and her hair color is blonde.

Is Judy Warren married?

Yes, Judy is married to Tony Spera and the couple has two children together.


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