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Will there be Maid Sama season-2? | About the series | Plot | The characters | Release date and trailer

Maid Sama season-2


Hey guys, welcome to the Instachronicles! Though I have written articles in various genres as I have written about technology, once I wrote about a novel, a lot about celebrities personal lives, and recently I have written regarding the net worth of few celebrities but honestly, I feel really excited when I write about a show or manga series, I feel really energetic and enthusiastic while doing this job.

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Well, I have got you one more amazing article which will cover all the information regarding the manga series named Maid Sama season-2. This is one of the most amazing manga series which you will definitely gonna love for sure. Many of you might have seen or read it already but for those people who do not know much about it. I’d like to take you through a few of the basic stuff about Maid Sama season-2 and the entire series. So, stay tuned, and let’s go for it!

Maid Sama season-2

About the series –

There are so many assumptions regarding this manga series that this one is also similar to the other rom-com manga series but this is not the case, in fact, there is a lot more to it than this which you will get to know when you will actually jump into it. There are various other romance-comedy genres like Toradora, Say, I love you, and Inuyasha is one of the best romantic-comedy manga series and one of the top series is Maid Sama.

The Maid Sama means the class president is a maid is the Japanese manga series written by Hiro Fujiwara which is from the year 2005-2013 in Hakusensha’s monthly magazine named Lala. This series has 18 volumes for the first season under the company named Hana to Yume Comics imprint. The series has an anime adaptation that was produced by J.C. Staff which aired in the year 2010 from April and September.

The comedy in the series is not so funny but it is more precise and will make your tee-hee all the time. But the untouched story of the anime is extraordinarily revitalizing and the way it depicted the love between two characters is quite aesthetically precise without the suggestion of any physical intertwined between them. The anime takes an immaculate, accurate, and effortless approach to the story.

Maid Sama season-2

Maid Sama – Plot-

The story revolves around Ayuzawa Misaki who is a senior student at the Seiki High School, a boy’s school that has just started to allow girls to attend it. The boys of the school have quite an errant attitude about them and usually attract trouble wherever they go. The very first female president of the student council is Misaki and she decides to bring some discipline in the class to make her reputation way better than it is now.

Most of the methods of Misaki to transform her class are quite strict as well as merciless and boys gave her the name “Demon President” of the entire school. One of the classmates considers Misaki as her role model and she believes that she is the dazzling lantern of hope of the school. Though she is very tough, stick, and merciless inside the school but her life is a complete contradiction outside the school.

She works as a part-timer at a cafe named Maid Latte to help her single mother. But she is terrified that if someone discovers this part of her life, her reputation will be ruined completely and everyone will make fun of her. But this is the starting only, one day her entire life turns upside down as she bumped into Usui Takumi right next to the cafe, Maid Latte, while she was wearing the uniform of the cafe. He is the most popular student in the school and she was hundred percent sure that he will let out this secret to everyone single person in the school.

Maid Sama season-2

But she left astonished when she got to know that he kept that secret to himself only. But what is more surprising is that he uses this secret as one of the major weapons to get close to her. Takumi is a boy who never really paid any attention to the girls but he saw something different in her and he felt a bit attractive towards her. But all this thing was creating problems for Misaki but here I’d like to stop as many of you have not seen this and I honestly do not want to unveil everything.

So guys watch it right away! here

The characters –

  • Misaki Ayazawz
  • Usui Takumi

Maid Sama season-2

Release date of Maid Sama season-2 –

The very first season of Maid Sama came out mostly a decennary ago, which somewhat reduces the possibilities of the new season but still, on the other hand, we have a lot of anime series that are there whose next season had come out almost after a decade. Another main issue regarding this series is that the theme of the series named maid cafe had accused a lot and considered quite sexist which made the shoe lose its admirers during that period of time and its popularity fell so quickly.

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Though it is still a very good show you can actually binge on. Guys, unfortunately, there are no announcements yet regarding the release as well the trilaerof the Maid Sama season-2 but let’s wait if it comes or not!

Frequently Asked Questions –

1. Will there be Maid Sama season-2?

No announcements had been made by J.C Staff so it is a no as of now.

2. Do Usui and Misaki get married?

They both got engaged in the 81st chapter and later on, they got married in the 85th chapter.

3. Will there be no Maid Sama season-2?

No for now!

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