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How old is Derek Trendz? All you need to know about popular Tick Tock star Derek Trendz!!

How old is Derek Trendz?

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Most of you might be watching tick-tock videos or might be making these videos as well. People usually make and upload videos where they talk, dance, sing, or lip-synch for fun. There are so many people out there who became famous and popular just by uploading creative as well as funny videos. Today in this article, we will cover everything we know about one of the biggest tick-tock stars named Derek Trendz.

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I know, I know, you know him right? He is a very popular tick-tock star, but do you have any conjectures that How old is Derek Trendz? He is very popular as well as quite young to believe, curious about it? No worries, we will cover in today’s article everything about Derek Trendz including Derek Trendz’s age.

Derek Trendz – Early life –

Derek was born on 26 July 2003, he is eighteen years old if we talk about his family, he has a younger, cut little sister named Ariella, who is also quite famous on tick-tock as well. Her younger sister has the username on TikTok as @ahiellatrendz, she also has an account on Snapchat with the username, @aborgen87. Other than this, there is no more information available regarding his family and parents. Though in many of his tick-tock videos his mom has appeared.

Similarly, there is not much information is available about the birthplace of Derek Trendz instead of that he is a citizen of the USA. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California. Derek Trendz has a cultural backdrop of Dominican-Black-Italian ancestry. Now the information regarding Derek’s educational life has never been shared by him. But we can make conjectures according to his age that he is a high school student, he might take a break from his studies and started focusing on his professional life.

How old is Derek Trendz

Though his educational institution has not been mentioned one thing we could find out is that he used to play a lot of basketball in his school.

Derek Trendz – Professional life –

His profession is known by many of us that he is a social media personality, a huge tick-tock star. He has a comic personality which he attained through TikTok and he has a huge fan following in fact, more than 2.3 million followers on his Tick-tock account and he is quite popular across all other social media platforms with the name DerekTrendz.

Artspace or we can say @artsacemgmt manages Derek Trendz with many other popular Tick-tock stars including Fred DeGrace, Tren Lehman, Mathew Valenzuela, Ethan Fair, Kobe Morris, Mike, Kahlil Beth, Jacob Green, Corey Campbell, Sam Aldred, and Valk as well. His popularity increased quite suddenly and his followers on Tick-tock have been increased immensely all of a sudden within a short period of time.

Derek Trendz usually makes videos of lip-synching, dance, and singing videos and uploads his Tick-tock account. Also, he gained popularity and all the fame from the year 2019. Derek Trendz sells his own merchandise via Stock Drip Store and represents TC social club. Besides this, he used a vigorous song named The Box sung by Roddy Ricch for one of his Tick-tock videos named “Do angles matter?”

How old is Derek Trendz

He also has a YouTube channel which he created on 25 Nov 2019. His channel has more than 6 million views and 272k subscribers as of now and he has uploaded 24 videos including videos like My best friend does my makeup challenge which is a funny video, Instagram Q&A session, Never have I ever challenge, Gone too far, and many more amazing videos. He uploaded the very first video on his channel was on 24 March 2020, and the latest video he has uploaded is Who knows me best with two of his friends named Aya and Bella on April 10, 2021.

Derek Trendz – Relationship status –

Derek is quiet about his personal life and he did not share much about his educational institution, family, as well as his relationships. There is clear information regarding his love life or is he even in a romantic relationship or not? Or even this is possible that he is still single and is more concentrated on his profession and acting career, nothing is for sure as of now.

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Nonetheless, he has never shared the information regarding his love life or affairs, not on any of the social media platforms he is using as of now. In fact, he has a very clean reputation on-screen and way far from all scandals, rumors, and all other controversies that might impede his acting career as well as his personal life. Though there are a lot of girls who are attracted to his talent, allurement, humor, as well as his charms.

How old is Derek Trendz

Frequently asked questions –

1. Does Derek Trendz has a girlfriend?

In one of his Q&A videos on his Instagram account, he has declared that he has no girlfriend and never had a real girlfriend.

2. Where is Derek Trendz currently living?

He is currently living in Los Angeles, California, USA.

3. Is DerekTrendz black?

He has Dominican descent.

This is all for today’s article on How old is Derek Trendz, hope you had a great time reading it.

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