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Life Is Strange 3 | All you need to know about Life Is Strange 3 | GLAD TIDINGS!!! | Plot | Release date | Gameplay | Soundtracks

Life Is Strange 3

[Life Is Strange 3]

Life is Strange which is a well-known series, and this part of the series seems to live up to expectations (official name Life is Strange: True Colors). A series of award-winning video games in which each installment tells a different story, evoking emotions about a different character, often with a ghost. Life is Strange 3 introduces a new story with the protagonist, making it a great place for new players to start. Since the first installment in 2015, the series has come a long way.

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Life Is Strange 3

While Max Caulfield’s unique and exciting time saga came out for the first time for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, many of us were just fascinated by this plot. Since then, Deck Nine Games, Dontnod, and Square Enix have been a great addition to the game.

After the arrival of Max and Chloe in the first game, Life Is Strange 2 introduced itself to completely new characters and was developed by the same studio (Dontnod Entertainment).

Life is Strange 3 – release date

Life is Strange 3 was released on September 10, 2021, and, unlike previous games in the series, was not released gradually. It will all be played simultaneously on the launch day, although the game will be divided into chapters to make it easier to digest.

The game is on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Mac, PC, Nintendo switch, and Google Stadia. It should be noted that the Nintendo Switch version of the game has recently been delayed.

Life Is Strange 3

Life is Strange 3 – soundtracks

Angus and Julia Stone created the soundtrack of the Deck Nine video game again.

The twins first became a licensed track in Life is Strange, Episode 1 (now in Chloe’s room), and their development with the full music of the current game with another link between Life is Strange 3 and the original series.

Life Is Strange (30 august) will be the siblings’ fifth album together, following 2017’s’ Snow. ‘Angus released her debut album in nine years,’ Smooth Big Cat, ‘in 2019, under the monastery of Dope Lemon. Julia released her debut album in nine years, ‘Sixty Summers,’ in April.

The album was recorded at a time when Angus and Julia were not focused on their own projects. Angus’s farm in Colorado and Neil Finn’s studio in Auckland were among the places where music was recorded.

Life Is Strange 3 – gameplay

There are a full 15 minutes of gameplay available right now to see if you want a better idea of how the game will play – how Alex’s power works, how he interacts with the residents of Haven Springs, and what he actually does in the game. And from the beginning of the game, so there is no danger of robbers. To view, click on this tab.

Life Is Strange 3

Alex travels to Haven Springs, Colorado, to meet his brother Gabe, where his skills begin and let him know how he feels. There’s an amazing big dump, in the beginning, describing Alex’s previous experience with his power (or “problems”) and setting new events that begin to unravel as Life is Strange: True Colors begins.

Life Is Strange 3 – Plot

A young Chinese American woman named Alex Chen, who grew up struggling, met her brother Gabe eight years later when he encouraged her to return. After Gabe was killed in a mysterious accident, Alex investigated the truth about the accident using his sympathetic powers. Along the way, Alex meets many residents of Colorado’s downtown Mount Haven Springs, including two potential romantic interests, Ryan and Steph, who last appeared in Life Is Strange: Before the Storm.


Deck Nine, which had previously created the prequel for the first game Before the Storm, began operating at True Colors in 2017. On March 18, 2021, Square Enix unveiled the game as part of a live digital presentation, with the announcement of the redesigned versions of Real Life is weird and pre-storm, as part of the Life Is Strange: Remastered Collection, which will be released later in 2021.

The Nintendo Switch version and the Life Is Strange Remastered for Switch Switch were announced during the launch of Nintendo Direct E3 2021. On August 11, DLC Wavelengths was announced for release on September 30, with the Remastered Collection delay in early 2022.

The next day, the switch was announced to be postponed to 2021. On August 20, 2021, the first song of the play was revealed to have been composed by Australian duo Angus and Julia Stone. The Twitch crowd expansion was released games before the launch. On 5 September, it was announced a partnership with Critical Role on Wavelengths by targeting web series marketers and RPG players for their table.

The typical theme of this series was based on characters that have the potential of an adult, or otherwise as great heroes, developers who can offer “reflection on real human experiences”, according to the senior author at Deck Nine.

With real colors, they were determined early on that they wanted their protagonist based on empathy, not only to be able to hear what others were going through but to be in real danger and to get through this as the story progresses, “giving him a way to be more accepting and confident in his abilities.”

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This led to the formation of the story that Alex lost his brother at the beginning of the game as his driver to test his empathy and reveal more about his past as he used them. Erika Mori credits Alex with making a full-fledged performance, with Mori saying that “it has contributed to the success of this game in terms of empathy because it has allowed us to find a reliable high-profile face connected to what was happening with my voice and body somewhere.”

Life Is Strange 3 | All you need to know about Life Is Strange 3 | GLAD TIDINGS!!! | Plot | Release date | Gameplay | Soundtracks

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[Life Is Strange 3]

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