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Berserk Chapter 364 – Know all about Berserk Chapter 364 manga series | Release date | Online availability | Spoilers

Berserk Chapter 364

[Berserk Chapter 364]

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Before we jump right into our focus topic- Berserk Chapter 364, let’s get you in a good mood. Imagine a situation where you suddenly come across a great music song on Spotify. You Google a little and you find that a certain music group/artist is still alive and creating wonders. Think of the happiness it will bring you.

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Berserk Chapter 364

That was the case with the fast-moving and best-selling ‘Berserk’ lie. For decades until May 2021, it took the beloved writer, Kentaro Miura who passed away due to heart problems. The tragic passing of the myth alongside the trauma of Berserk 363 could be the last chapter ever to shake the manga world. However, Young Animal Comics has eased some controversy by announcing the publication of Berserk 364.

However, this chapter could be the final work of the famous author and artist Kentaro Miura.

Preview of Berserk Chapter 364

Young Animal, publishers of the Berserk series have already released a teaser for it and the last chapter online. It may be the last time fans will see the famous characters Guts, Casca, and other heroes in one place.

Berserk Chapter 364 – Spoilers

Will the Berserk 364 end in a bad three-way match between Caska, Griffis, and Gatsu?

Berserk Chapter 364 will be a protraction of the story shown in chapter 363. According to a preview, we can expect Guts’ encounter with a mysterious child who suddenly disappeared several times during his journey in the previous chapter. The Berserk 364 chapter will mark Casca’s meeting with the child. It will be their first meeting since Casca last lost consciousness.

In addition, a preview has revealed that chapter 364 will have a mysterious character with white hair similar to Griffith’s. Whether the man is Griffith himself remains to be seen. A mysterious identity can be found in this chapter. One can also see a small figure coming out of the door with a small figure exactly like Caska.

Berserk Chapter 364

There is another waste we have ahead of time. It was reported by Young Animal magazine and spotted by a well-known Japanese leaky foodie. On his blog full of mysterious and confusing comments on this chapter, he says

“I read the latest chapter of Berserk, 364. The two are the same, and here… but what is going on now… (tears only). Really bad, how painful. I am very sympathetic. ”

The mysterious message “the two are the same” seems to indicate that the character is actually someone else. Somehow confirms some of the views on the Berserk 364 preview last month. Regarding the upcoming series, Ryokutya does not confirm or deny the end of Berserk.

Until we get the official name, all we can do is wait. In the meantime, grab a copy of the “Berserk” tax by Chica Umino author of (March is coming as a Lion) in the latest issue of Young Animal 18/2021.

It says

“Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. In no time at all, I’ve seen you let your anger manifest in your face. When the day we meet again comes, I want to talk more and more lies again. ”

Date of release of Berserk Chapter 364

Famous for its dark sites and shaded characters, Berserk is undoubtedly one of the best pieces of work in Japan Manga World. The final chapter, Berserk chapter 363, was released on January 22 this year. While the fans waited for another chapter, Miura’s sudden death caused quite a stir.

Berserk Chapter 364

Rest for everyone, Young Animal Comics did not take long to clear up the confusion and announced the official release date of Berserk Chapter 364. The next chapter was rumored to be out in April but was delayed. Miura herself drew 99% of this chapter. However, we have a day now.

According to an official statement from Young Animal Comics, the issue is set to be released worldwide on September 10, 2021. Yes, that is exactly the month from now!
Hardly any days ago, a French account of the Manga team unveiled that Kentaro Miura Berserk’s art comes back with chapter 364.

According to a statement issued by Young Animal, the release of Berserk 364 will be accompanied by a poster and pamphlet donated by the late author. In addition, one section of chapter 364 will find a colorful page. The poster will feature some of the best and most revealing scenes from the lies.

The book will be named ‘Messages to Kentaro Miura.’ It will have different pieces of information from Miura’s best friends as well as colleagues in the manga world. Names include Akku, Katsu Aki, Nico Nicholson, Ena Moriyama, Satoru Akahori, Kouji Mori, Shizuya Wazarai, Tamami Momose, Chica Umino, and others.

Berserk Chapter 364

Berserk Volume 41 has a release date

The publishing house, Hakusensha, has declared the date of release of Berserk’s Volume 41named Kentaro Miura’s manga. There will be two different versions of it named Standard and Deluxe. The release date of Berserk Volume 41 is set for December 24, 2021, the day before Christmas. Berserk Volume 41 will likely be the last due to the massive deaths of Kentaro Miura.

Hakusensha on Amazon showcased the Berserk Volume 41 Deluxe Edition. It will consist of a CD player with a canvas design on the bottom (23.9cm x 8.7cm). The volume is available on pre-orders in Japan at 3,960 yen (about € 30).

Berserk Volume 41 will contain chapters 358 to 364, from which Young Animal will be released on September 10.

Where can I read Berserk Chapter 364 online?

Berserk Chapter 364

Once the chapter has been released, fans can access the digital version of the anime via readberserk.com. This website is also free, you can read directly or download the chapters from there.

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Is Berserk chapter 364 the last?

So far, it is unclear whether there are any other Berserk chapters after chapter 364. No revelation about the future of manga has been made by Young Animal Comics. However, it is interesting that they are advertising it as “the newest chapter” and not the “last” chapter.

This is it for today’s article on “Berserk Chapter 364”, hope you had a great time reading it. I will see you guys next time, till then, bye and stay safe!

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