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Detective Is Already Dead Episode 11 [Watch Online]: Release Date, Cast, Plot

The Detective is Already Dead follows a teenage detective, Kogorō Akechi who has the ability to communicate with dead people. The story starts when he receives a request from an anti-social classmate named Sae Niijima and her twin sister Saeko in order for him to solve their father’s murder case.

Kimihiko Kimizuka has attracted trouble since he was a child. He says that, as an adult, his condition still makes him naturally drawn to the wrong side of things – like when he is forced into flash mobs while taking walks and stumbles across drug transactions between dealers or finds himself at crime scenes often enough to be considered suspicious.Detective Is Already Dead Episode 11

One day during his third year of junior high, he was kidnapped and forced to carry a suitcase onto an international flight. On that flight, he met Siesta -a self-proclaimed “legendary detective”. Because she refused to let him go until they had solved the case together, Kimihiko reluctantly became her sidekick for three years after uniting with her on many different cases across multiple countries.

Kimihiko is back at it again in his last year of high school, solving supernatural mysteries as the dead detective. He can’t stand being called a detective; after all, he’s already dead!

Kimihiko is extremely bothered by the fact that he is called a detective; after all, The Detective With No Name has already died.

Detective Is Already Dead Episode 11 Release DateDetective Is Already Dead Episode 11

There are only 12 days until the release of The Detective is Already Dead Episode 11. As most fans already know, we will get our first look at how this story ends on September 12th!

The detective is dead episode eleven comes out in twelve days and many people have questions about when it’s going to come out so that countdown begins now

Though there is a way to watch all of ‘The Detective Is Already Dead’ online for free on FUNimation and Netflix.

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