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Ballroom E Youkoso season 2| All you need to know about Ballroom E Yousoko season-2 | Plot

Ballroom E Youkoso season 2

[Ballroom E Yousoko season-2]

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Ballroom E Youkoso season 2 animes have many genres that give fans the option to choose their favorites. Some love black fiction, some rom-com, and drama, some fun, some funny and humorous, some provocative and sensual, and some sports anime. The list goes on, and there is no denying that some of the anime series are too good to miss.

One anime series is called ‘Welcome to the Ballroom,’ which is a sports anime that started to make headlines when it hit the screens. The first season contains a very good response, and now everyone is waiting to hear about it to get an update. Fans are covered with a lot of questions in their minds, one of which is very important, namely the creators of the anime series want to do season 2 or not.

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Ballroom E Youkoso season 2

Let’s look at every opportunity we can find out what to expect and what not to do about Ballroom E Yousoko season-2.

Will there be a Ballroom E Youkoso season-2?

Will there be Ballroom E Yousoko season-2? Sports animes are one of the best performing genres in Japan. There is amazing sports anime like Kuroko’s Basketball, Yuri in Ice, Haikyu !! and many more that entered the hearts of the fans forever. Also, we have to know the fact that ‘Welcome to the Ballroom’ is a show featured on an eminent network like Amazon.

Fans will know that this series is available to those who have access to the Amazon Prime Video and that not only in the United States but also in Japan. That being said, such a great broadcaster cannot produce anything if he does not see the power and the successful future in it. Amazon must find that the commercial success of this franchise will be high. Therefore, executives have decided to acquire special rights to the series worldwide.

One of the best answers to the first season was the audience’s franchise. According to the stats presented by MyAnimeList, Ballroom e Youkoso received 8.20 / 10 ratings from 108,284 votes. This is great to convince the creators to prepare for the second season. The third and most important factor to keep in mind is that the original manga contains nine volumes containing 41 chapters.

Ballroom E Youkoso season 2

Volume 10 has just arrived, and it looks like this franchise is a long-term project and a project of creators and teams. So, if we conclude our argument here, we can say that the chances of a ‘Welcome to the Ballroom’ are very high to get another season.

Ballroom E Yousoko season-2 – Release date?

The first season of acceptance in Ballroom came out in July 2017 on MBS. Finally, Tokyo MX, BS11, and Gunma T.V. showcasing this anime in Japan, and for fans around the world, is always available on the broadcaster giant, Amazon Prime Video. Production I.G. is producing an anime series, and the first season has 24 episodes to delight its fans.

Keeping this in mind, we know that there is ample source and material for a brand new season (Ballroom E Yousoko season-2), we can expect to see a second installment sometime in 2021 or early 2022. If any official news is released, we will update this space ASAP. It is unclear how the COVID-19 epidemic may have affected the production of the show.

What Is ‘Ballroom E Yousoko season-2’ All About?

Ballroom E Youkoso season 2

Ballroom E Youkoso in Japanese is a story related to Tatara Fujita, a student. Tatara is a victim of ridicule and bullying by her classmates, and since she is young and has no plans for the future, she remains ignorant most of the time. One day, she is rescued by Kaname Sengoku, a dance teacher who introduced Tatara to the world of ballroom dancing.

The new skill and talent she learns and polishes give her the confidence to deal with her daily bullying and problems and to improve her relationships with her classmates and strive for perfection.

If there will be Ballroom E Yousoko season-2, then the story will be picked from that particular point.

The Main Characters Of Ballroom E Yousoko season-2

There are a few of the characters that can be seen in Ballroom E Yousoko season-2 and those are as follows:-

1. Tatara Fujita – is a fresher in high school. By the third year of high school, he was unsure of his future and had no hobbies. Sengoku after rescuing her from harassment by her classmates took her to Ogasawara Dance Studio where Tatara connected to the dance floor and ballroom world. Her current dance partner is Chinatsu.

2. Kyoharu Hyodo – a paid dancer and collaborator with Shizuku for nine years. She is a very good dancer but she was demoted most of the time but when it comes to dancing she is the most determined. Her mother is the current coach of her family’s dance studio.

Ballroom E Youkoso season 2

3. Shizuku Hanaoka – a first-year high school student and a Kiyoharu dance partner for the last nine years. He also attended the same school where Tatara attended.

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4. Chinatsu Hiyama – is a student in Tatara’s first year of high school. She is a very talented dancer and leader as well.

This is it for today’s article on Ballroom E Yousoko season-2, hope you had a great time reading it. I will see you all next time, till then, bye everyone and stay safe!

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