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Iruma-kun Chapter 217 [Read Now] Spoilers & Release Date Confirmed!

The latest entrants in Iruma’s harem are Sabnock Sylvia and Crocell Chima. All the Kouhais have fallen for their dashing senpai, who is now also a part of their school life as they start at Babyls again for the new year.

Let’s discuss Iruma-kun Chapter 217 spoilers, predictions, and release date. As the new year at Babyls begins, all of the Kouhais are falling for their dashing senpai Iruma-kun’s charms. Sabnock Sylvia and Crocell Chima are two more entrants in his harem with this chapter.

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Kerori wanted to be an evildoer because she was in love with someone who had already become one and that person could only feel safe if Kerori became a good guy.Iruma-kun Chapter 217

Kerori told Chima that one’s true desire often strikes when you least expect it, which is why during the Evidol Games an unlikely encounter occurred. This led her to realize what she truly wanted from life: Iruma!

On seeing a stressed Chima looking for her sister, he took Chima to meet Karori. Both Chima and Kerori worked out their misunderstanding and were touched by this gesture. Later, Iruma complimented on how beautiful she was with eyes that reminded him of lakes covered in shards of ice.

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The first-year student representative, Ameri had worked hard to be the best in class. She is excited when she sees Iruma and her new competitor for this title yet disappointed that she didn’t work as hard as herself.

In this chapter, it is evident that blood ties are stronger than those of friendship. Despite the fact both Chima and Kerori have timid personalities, they also secretly desire power.

Plot & other detailsIruma-kun Chapter 217

On his fourteenth birthday, Iruma Suzuki is sold to a demon by his parents. The demon named Sullivan takes him to the Demon world where he enrolls in Babyl’s school for demons and meets friends Alice Asmodeus and Clars Valac.

In the manga, Iruma tries to blend into the Demon World so that he won’t be eaten by demons. However, due to his different situations in life and circumstances of destiny; it is inevitable for him to stand out from other people living there.

Who are the Main Characters

The main character of the manga, Iruma Suzuki is a 14-year old human boy who was sold by his parents to demons for money and becomes kind in helping others. He begins learning what it’s like to be loved when he moves into the demon world from being neglected at home.

The three other major characters are Alice, Asmodeus’ loyal best friend; Clara Valac, an energetic Valac girl who is also one of Iruma’s classmates; and the Demon Sullivan. He adopted him as his grandson and takes great care of him. We then meet Amari Azazel from the student council along with Kalego Naberius, Iruma’s homeroom teacher.

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Iruma-kun Chapter 217 Release DateIruma-kun Chapter 217

My heart is racing and I can’t wait for the next chapter. The chapters have only been released once every week, but it feels like forever before we get a new one! We’re expecting Chapter 28 to come out on August 28th of 2021.

Where to Read

The manga’s huge fanbase has led to its recent anime adaptation, with a second season currently being aired. Fans can read the series on sites like readkomik.com and mangajar.com, Stay tuned for more updates!


In Iruma-Kun, the protagonist is a 14-year-old human boy who was sold to demons for money by his parents. In this chapter 217, we meet Sabnock Sylvia and Crocell Chima as two more entrants in Iruma’s harem. It’s interesting how even though they are timid personalities, they also secretly desire power. The first-year student representative Ameri had worked hard to be the best in class but became disappointed when she saw that her new competitor for this title was now part of their school life at Babyls once again. One thing I find really nice about these chapters is how there are so many characters with different personality types; it makes everything feel like an exciting game or competition where you never know what the next card will be.


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