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Boruto Episode 212 – Unexpected news!!! About the series | Storyline | Where to watch | Release date | Cast and Preview

Boruto Episode 212

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Today, you will be enlightened with all the latest updates regarding the release date of Boruto Episode 212, its plot, cast, and many more, So, stay tuned guys till the very end of the article!

About the series –

Sai and Konoha Maru are preparing for their new project in which they investigate Boro’s religion. Only the next “212” episode of Boruto will tell you what happens next.

The 209 and 212 episodes are the first of the Boruto anime, which means that the story included in these two episodes cannot be found in a lie and for some reason, is a good thing.

Kawaki has been feeling lost after Jigen attacked Konoha and injured Naruto and Konoha Maru. He began to worry that if he moved to Konoha, he would injure those he loved the most.

So Kawaki tries to get out of the village but Shimikamaru blocks him from getting out. Now that one problem has been resolved, Naruto wants to further investigate the Boro religion and the villages he has destroyed. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 212 will be released this week on time, with no delays of any kind.

Kar arc is progressing well, the final battle with Jigen is approaching but before that, we will have to plan the Boro and Kashin Koji affair first.

“Boruto Chapter 61” is also set to be published this month and if you are a fan of lies, you should read it.

Many preview images have been released from the anime episode and the English sub version will play soon.

Boruto Episode 212

Boruto Episode 212 – Storyline –

Uzumaki finally achieved his dream of becoming a Hokage, representing the Secret Leaf Village he fought for during his youth. In a peaceful world, Naruto and his allies are now trying to maintain a global border through goodwill and dialogue.

This stasis, however, comes at the personal expense of the aging hero. Naruto and the shinobi he grew up with found that their neutral work required them to fight against Naruto’s famous credentials, including his own son, Boruto, even in the presence of their bitter children.

Boruto Uzumaki, unlike his father, lives in a different country. The difference between the two is an important issue. Boruto paves the way for the future, striving to make a name for himself as the evil forces threaten the peace that his father helped to establish and fight against the culture that abandoned his position as Hokage’s son.

Where to watch Boruto Episode 212

Here, we give you a suggestion that all the Boruto fans do not use any illegal streams as they do not contribute to the promotion of the creator and staff, and view Boruto Episode 212 from the official sources below:-

  1. Hulu
  2. Crunchyroll

When does Boruto Episode 212 will release?

Release date
At the time of writing, Boruto Episode 212 is scheduled for release on August 22, 2021.

The new episode will be available for viewing on the Crunchyroll streaming platform. All the premium users will get the latest episode on August 22; while, all the free users can watch the episode next week.

Boruto Episode 212

Release Time
Crunchyroll is reviving the platform with a new episode of Boruto at 2 AM PDT (Pacific Timing). However, the release time of the episode is different for the different locations.
However, the timeline of the release for particular regions:

Pacific Time: 2:00 AM PDT
Medium Time: 4:00 AM CDT
Eastern Time: 5:00 AM EDT
British Time: 10:00 AM BST
European Time: 11:00 AM CEST
Australian Time: 7:00 PM AEST

Boruto Episode 212 – Preview –

In the next episode of Boruto, we will learn that Boro, the man who was humiliated by Boruto and his associates, was the leader of a powerful sect. What’s worse is that this religion is focused on Otsutsuki.

Konoha Maru suggests that they should gather support from all five tribes to get into the culture and gather more details about Kara. At first glance, we can also see Konoha Maru fighting Delta, a battle you really have to watch.

Boruto Episode 212 – Cast (voice)-

  1. Yuko Sanpei – Boruto Uzumaki
  2. Junko Takeuchi – Naruto Uzumaki
  3. Kokoro Kikuchi – Sarad Uchiha
  4. Taira Kikumoto – Katasuke Tono
  5. Ryuichi Kijima – Mitsuki
  6. Hidenori Takahashi – Konohamaru Sarutobi
  7. Noriaki Sugiyama – Sasuke UchihaBoruto Episode 212

Frequently asked questions –

Q1. Will Boruto have 200 episodes?
There will be over 500 episodes easily in Boruto jointly, I’m sure of it. Currently, we are in episode 182, and the anime has just translated 1/4 of the manga released so far. The total number of episodes will depend on how often the lie will be changed.

Q2.Who is 8 Hokage?
8 You Can Be Konoha Maru Sarutobi

One of the great men of Konoha, Jonin, is one of the students of Naruto, and as his teacher, he wanted to become a Hokage one day. Konoha Maru has the potential to lead the city in the future.

Q3. Are Boruto episodes coming out weekly?
It looks like Boruto will only have a week, with the show returning to its regular broadcast on Sunday next week – meaning episode 209 will now be released on Sunday, August 1, 2021.

This is all for today’s article, hope you have got all your queries and questions related to the release date of Boruto Episode 212 clarified. Until next time, stay tuned for all the latest updates!

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