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Olivia Ponton and speculations regarding her sexuality. Is she dating her fellow TikTok sensation? CHECK OUT NOW!!

The ear we are living in has more fondness towards the glamorous world. People, especially youngsters are more inclined and curious about the everyday happenings in celebrities’ life and desire to follow their idols. Even the personal lives of celebrities are less personal. And the love interest of the celebrities is a major part of this. 

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Olivia Ponton is among the famed faces on social media. She is a known face of Tik Tok and Instagram and currently, her million fans are curious to know about her, the person who has bagged the spot in her heart. Moreover, there were speculations concerning her sexuality. The curiosity bubble blasted when she posted her videos that indicated something fishy. There is a chain of doubts about, Who is she dating? what is the reality of her sexuality, with whom is she currently dating? and so on.  

Who is Olivia Panton?

Olivia Ponton

Olivia Ponton is a social media sensation, born in the year 2002 on the 30th of May. She is a native of Naples, L.A. She acquired fame from the social media platform TikTok in collaboration with the Hype House. She shares videos daily of her everyday chores and time spent. She is an Instagram diva as well with million followers and trending for her lifestyle, travel spots, and other activities of her daily life.

Though she has been in a relationship which was most adored by her fans and was a couple-goal for a while it ended abruptly and recently, a piece of news got viral regarding her which fetched more attention and speculated her fans and made dubious remarks regarding her sexuality. A few videos posted by her worked as fuel in the fire and this assumption almost got confirmation regarding her sexuality. 

From where these speculations came from?

Olivia Ponton is a sensation on social media and she keeps on posting her daily life videos and interacting with her fans. She is famously admired for her TikTok videos. The speculation came around with the video she posted on TikTok and people took it differently as per their perception and numerous tattle were all over. Which even questioned her sexuality. 

As reported by HITC, Olivia Ponton posted a video on the 11th of March, 2021, and in that she was seen singing along the lyrics of the LGBTQ song sung to overcome their sexuality. The lyrics were “‘Well first of all ehhh, I am not gay, well first of all ehhh, but let’s be precise.”.

Olivia Ponton and speculations regarding her sexuality. Is she dating her fellow TikTok sensation? CHECK OUT NOW!!

Earlier it was not given attention in that sense. But soon it became a mark of speculations that whether Olivia Ponton is gay? 

Among her fans and people started presuming things as per their thought pattern. Some claimed that she might be earlier; she was not ready to admit her reality and now has decided to divulge about it. Some even supported her for her bold step. Some critics popped up as well. But still, no statement came from Olivia Ponton, and nor did she address it. And either no clarification is there on her behalf as well. Still, confusion is all over concerning her sexuality, and people’s guessing and buzz are on. 

Who is a part of romance in Olivia Ponton’s life?

Olivia Ponton

19 years old young damsel Olivia Ponton was earlier speculated to be dating her fellow influencer and another Canadian social media sensation Kio Cyr who is famously known for his Lip-sync videos, challenge videos, and is mainly renowned for his TikTok videos to mention a few. In addition to his success, he was criticized as well for some controversial conspiracy which was reported for quite a few incidents including pretentious singing along the song, also for accusing racial differences, moreover, Kio was defamed as dating underage girls.  Well, coming back to Olivia and Kio’s dating slurry.

Olivia Ponton

Kio Cyr and Olivia Ponton never divulged about their dating and the romantic angle between them. Even Olivia’s Instagram handles don’t unveil much about their relationship or dating, as she usually posts pictures with her friends and keeps her followers updated regarding her upcoming modeling assignments and promotions but a bit of spice was delivered when Kio Cyr appeared on her social media handle in some of her posts in the year 2020. On the other hand, Kio too posted some of their pictures on his Instagram handle and this went on for a lapse of time and they posted each other videos on their social media handles pretty frequently, which spiced up the tattles about Olivia and Kio’s romantic involvement in their equation and their fans started anticipating their dating and relationship stories. and after some time a video released by Olivia and Kio splashed water on all the cooking buzz in which they addressed their fans and affirmed that they are not dating each other.

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But again a twist sparked in when the video reached its conclusion and Olivia Ponton and Kio Cyr came too close to kissing as a closure of the video but the screen blacks out. And the list of surprises doesn’t end here, the very same day another video was posted by Kio handing out and chilling with his squad Sway House, Josh Richard, and Bryce Hall. In that video, Kio’s pals inquired about his dating life and partner Olivia Ponton, and Kio didn’t utter a word but reacted with a sheepish smile. Well, his smile was enough for creating another buzz and confusion concerning his and Olivia’s relationship and fans are still amidst the cyclone of questions and speculations. Was their video a prank or they both were indicating something.  And since then, no new rumors popped or gossip came around nor did they post anything after that which is a quiet indication that, for now, the TikTok sensation is not dating anyone. 

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