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Discover about fashion designing expert Laura Mellado Life | Career | Family and MUCH MORE!! Tab to read on

With the increasing demand for numerous fashionable fabrics and clothing, She has done complete justice to the fashion addicts by proving them masterpieces generated in her boutique titled as Laura Boutique woven under her guidance and by her intellectual fashion skills which the customer desires.

An exceedingly known American beauty and diva she reached the radar of fame through her fashion skills. Mellado is not just a person who stitches fabric into various styles using her fashion tips and tricks. Moreover, she has a flourishing career as a Youtuber as well who is acknowledged for her YouTube channel. Furthermore, Laura Mellado is a social media influencer as well. Well, this piece of article will enlighten you about the tremendous fashion designer Laura Mellado’s life, career, love interest, and much more. So dive in.

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Laura Mellado’s Wiki and Bio

American fashion and social media sensation Laura Mellado hails from Los Angeles, California, United States. Young damsel Mellado took her first breath in the year 1992 on the 30th of January. She possesses Aquarius as her sun sign.

She is a firm believer in keeping her personal and professional life at a bay. And it is quite evident by this fact that not much information is unveiled regarding her early life, family, and the quality of childhood she spent. The only information available regarding her family is her mother’s name which is surprisingly the same as Laura Mellado.

Moreover, Laura’s educational qualification is not under the light of the media and the public, but she seems to be raised in an elite family. Allegedly it was reported that since childhood she has been impassioned about fabrics and designing them.

Laura Mellado

However, for now, Laura Mellado is a resident at Whittier, California. She is a renowned entrepreneur in the fashion world who rose to fame by her peculiar fashion instincts which she displays on fabrics and is available at her boutique established as Laura Boutique which was earlier owned by her mother but with the rapid success of clothing designed by her daughter Laura Mellado she handed the key of liberty to her and the store expanded. Moreover, Miss. Mellado owns a Youtube channel named LIVE FAMILY along with her husband Victor Hallman.


Laura Mellado’s husband and family

As it was mentioned above that the 29-years-old young damsel is a firm believer in not keeping her personal life under the spotlight of fame and surrounded by tattles so not much is known regarding her family background, early days of her life, and her educational background. But Laura’s equation with her husband Victor Hallman is completely under the media’s radar.

American fashion designing diva and social media sensation She who rules many hearts herself has someone in life who rules that special place is her husband Victor Hallman.

Laura Mellado

She encountered Victor Hallman on her social media handle where Mr. Hallman used to comment on every post uploaded by Laura Mellado and she too noticed his presence and after a week of commenting sessions they had their first date at the Disney Land and Victor Hallman pour out his deep ocean of emotions for Laura Mellado and eventually fell in love.

For now, they are happily married and it will not be wrong saying that they share an evergreen bond of love. They together have a son named Elliott. Moreover, Laura Mellado and Victor Hallman are expecting their second child and it will strengthen the knot in their relationship.

Laura Mellado


The career graph of Laura Mellado

Initially, She started her career venture at her mother’s boutique which was established in the year 2012 in California, United States. Laura was a neophyte in the world of fashion designing and she was a little child when her mother started her business. Laura’s mother granted her a single wall for displaying her craft and Laura decorated that wall with the five masterpieces she created.

As the time passed by, Laura Mellado’s mother noticed her daughter’s section in the store was grappling more customers with her craft of fashion and amassing attention. So, Laura’s mother quit her profession and handed the responsibility to Miss. Mellado solely. Furthermore, Laura’s business exploded all over and witnessed huge lanes of clients.

After a time span of six months, Laura amassed customers which were hard to handle in that tiny space available so Laura Mellado’s parents decided to switch their boutique to a shopping center that was three times the space that was available. That was the turning point of Laura’s career as a fashion designer and her boutique Laura’s Boutique blossomed and is still flourishing.


In the year 2014, after attaining so much attention and a grappling tremendous amount of affection Laura’s Boutique expanded its roots to Orange County and Santa Ana, California. Laura Mellado’s art of styling fabric has escalated so high that for reaching its customers feasible they have started providing online services to her customers.  

Furthermore, Laura Mellado has quite a few future endeavors which include expanding her business all over the globe. In which she has succeeded to quite a limit as her brand has caught some of the celebrities’ sites in conjunction with YouTube star James Charles.

Laura Mellado

Moreover, Laura Mellado’s ladder of success is just limited to this she also launched her YouTube channel in the year 2016 titled LIVE FAMILY in association with her husband Victor Hallman. The channel has amassed more than 28 million lifetime views. The plot of Laura’s videos revolves around her family and her life and equation with her husband and child which has amassed a million views.

Furthermore, the channel has more than 500,000 subscribers. Laura and Victor’s Youtube channel also features videos endorsing and promoting Laura’s Boutique. 

In addition to her success and career venture, Laura Mellado has also fetched attention and recognition through her social media handle on which she rules with more than 1 million followers on Instagram, 278,000 followers on Twitter, and 544,000 followers on her YouTube channel. 


Frequently Asked Question


Q1 What is Laura Mellado’s net worth?

A1. As per the latest data of the year 2021, it was estimated that Laura Mellado has amassed more than $350k. She fetches her bread through her boutique, YouTube channel named LIVE FAMILY. She is also a social media sensation.


Q2. What ethnicity is Laura Mellado?

A2. Laura Mellado holds American nationality and belongs to mixed ethnicity. She was born in the year 1992 on the 30th of January. Laura hails from California, United States, and owns Aquarius as her sun sign.


Q3. Is Laura Mellado married?

A3. Laura Mellado is happily married to Victor Hallman. They both have a son named Elliott. Moreover, Laura and Victor are expecting their second child soon. Laura is a resident at Whittier, California, United States happily with her family.

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