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William Vangeance: Is He Licht, Truth All The Details And Updates The Amazing Black Cover series

William Vengeance is the first captain of the Clover Kingdom’s Golden Dawn squad of the Magic Knights. He is said to be the nearest person to becoming the following Magic Emperor.

He shares a frame with the elf Patolli, leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun. They are separated after Patolli allows himself to be exorcised and is revived in an artificial frame.

When Yami suspects the Golden Dawn’s Captain Willaim Vengeance might be leading the Eye of the Midnight Sun, he has him dispose of his mask and finally reveal his face.

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William Vangeance

William Vengeance’s masks led Yami to accept as true with that he becomes really Licht, leading of the Eye of the Midnight Sun. But Licht’s use of mild magic was lots exceptional than William Vangeance’s found out World Tree magic.

It turns out William Vengeance has been covering his face because of a huge face-protecting scar that he was born with. As the illegitimate child of a noble, he becomes pressured to grow up in something referred to as the Forsaken Realm.

Magic could not eliminate the scar, so human beings started to fear him as a result. He becomes taken in by way of an aristocrat years later, and that they cherished his World Tree magic, but he turned into abused by using his foster mom.

Appearance Of William Vengeance:

William Vengeance is a 26-yr-old guy with a mean top and a lean construct. He has red eyes and quick white hair. William wears a helmet that still functions as a mask that obscures the top half of his face.

The mask is very complex and is made from a massive gold piece masking the region around his proper eye, and a smaller blue piece covering the area around his left eye. The helmet has white and pink patches of fur at the returned area and white feathers that stick up at the left facet.

The right eye hole has a purple border define, with two traces sticking out on both the pinnacle and backside halves, even as the left eye hollow has the identical design, besides white-colored with barely longer lines.

Beneath the mask, William’s face functions a large scar that stretches from his nostril upwards and covers the whole higher half of his face, because of a curse positioned on his mother’s own family.

William Vangeance: Is He Licht, Truth All The Details And Updates The Amazing Black Cover series

William Vengeance wears a double-breasted and long-sleeved blouse with a high collar. The shirt itself consists of two one-of-a-kind colors, as it’s far white at the edges and blue in the middle.

Gold trimmings and buttons may be visible at the blue part of the front of the shirt. The sleeves are mostly fabricated from white cloth, besides for the wrist location wherein they are manufactured from a yellowish material.

The shirt extends underneath William’s waist and he wears a darkish belt on the pinnacle of it. He also wears white pants and a couple of excessive black boots.

William wears the Golden Dawn’s signature squad robe, which covers his torso and is gold in color. It has a blue-colored fur trim across the border of the hood and 2 crimson ropes, which come from the left shoulder and connect to the gold-colored button on the right shoulder.

Furthermore, on the left-hand side is placed the squad’s insignia. Underneath his robe, William wears a long pink cloak that reaches his ankles.

The personality of William Vengeance :

William is cherished by using his guys and commands excessive loyalty from them. He has a relaxed, friendly demeanor and nearly always wears an amiable smile when speaking with different people. He still keeps a somewhat mysterious air of secrecy because most of his expression is included by way of his masks.

William Vangeance: Is He Licht, Truth All The Details And Updates The Amazing Black Cover series

He is an observant, careful man or woman who speedy notices Asta’s excessive athletic capability at some stage in the examination, and who also attempts to keep the opposite captains in taking a look at during Gueldre’s tried to get away by mentioning that the opposite guy can be under the influence of someone else’s magic.

Despite William’s hard adolescence and the ache and loneliness he went thru, he is not discouraged or enraged by way of his depressing instances and is as an alternative a without a doubt kindhearted character. This great kindness is further emphasized along with his courting with the elf, Patolli.

Despite them being of various races and Patolli protecting vast hatred and anger in the direction of people, William Vengeance isn’t once afflicted utilizing it and decides to shield him no matter what because of sensing the young elf’s inner sadness and pain, even though he did now not genuinely recognize who or what Patolli become at the beginning.

Biography About William Vengeance:

William changed into born because of the illegitimate toddler to a noble and viewed as a cursed child because of him being born with a scar that covers half of his face.

He is pressured to develop up in the Forsaken Realm of the Clover Kingdom, in which he is feared by using the ones around him due to his appearance.

When William is eight years vintage, his father’s inheritor dies so William is added to live in the Noble Realm. The noble’s wife, William’s foster mom, loathes the boy’s appearance and often abuses him.

After turning thirteen, William meets Julius Novachrono, who’s in awe of William’s magic strength and offers him a niche inside the Magic Knights.

William Vangeance: Is He Licht, Truth All The Details And Updates The Amazing Black Cover series

William is hesitant because of his look, however, Julius offers him a mask, which William thinks is tacky however nonetheless wears it to this day. Two years later, after receiving his grimoire, William chooses to sign up for Julius’s squad, the Grey Deer.

William Vengeance attends the Magic Knights Entrance Exam that Asta and Yuno participating in. Once the examination begins, he tells the participants that he will take the lead for this test and summons a big tree within the sky to present every one of the participants with a broom.

He then explains how the exam will work and watches as the participants take the check. When the exam is completed, William explains to the contributors how they’ll be selected into a squad.

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When Yuno steps forward to be selected, all of the captains raise their arms, and William is satisfied whilst Yuno chooses the Golden Dawn squad When it’s time for the final check, William informs the individuals that they may warfare with every different and pass all out.

William Vengeance finds Yuno’s magic stone among the treasures that Revchi Salik and Gueldre took from the Shadow Palace. William returns the necklace to Yuno.


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