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The Asterisk War Season 3: EXCLUSIVE NEWS!! Premiere date, Main characters, Storyline, and Trailer

The Asterisk War Season 3: RELEASE DATE!!

The Asterisk War Season 3: The Asterisk War is an anime series famous for its action scenes and graphics. Also known as Gakusen Toshi Asutarisuku, the series is based upon the light novel series on which the show is named. The novel, The Asterisk War, illustrated by Okiura and penned down by Yū Miyazaki was first released in 2012 on September 25th and instantly created a place in the audiences’ hearts. So much so that soon it was adapted into this television series.

The television series is being produced under the banner of A1 Pictures. The production house released the first season of The Asterisk War in 2015 on October 3rd and the show soon became a sensation among the audience. The show became a delight for the fan of the novel “The Asterisk War” and managed to add many new fans to its already huge fanbase. The second season was released in 2016 on April 2nd and was equally popular among the fans, as the first season. Now, fans have been waiting patiently and quite eagerly for The Asterisk War Season 3 to be premiered as soon as possible.

Here is the whole lot you need to know about this much-anticipated series.

The Asterisk War Season 3

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Expected Release Date and Premier of the Most Tentative The Asterisk War Season 3

After the success and popularity of the first two seasons of The Asterisk War in 2012 and 2015 respectively, fans have been awaiting the release of The Asterisk War Season 3 but to the dismay of fans, there’s no official announcement regarding the releasing date of the third season of this famous action anime television series. It’s a well-known fact that animes, in contrast to regular television series, take a longer amount of time to be created and put together for the audiences to cherish. Previously it was expected for The Asterisk War Season 3 release by the end of 2020 but due to this worldwide pandemic situation, things took a halt and so did the news of the series to be premiered.

New hopes for anime fans have arisen after The Asterisk War was picked up by Netflix. Netflix invests only in those series and shows which seem promising and popular so therefore even if A1 pictures’ production banner puts an end to the series, Netflix may reinstate it for its brick strong, and loyal fanbase.

Therefore, signs are that the release date of The Asterisk War Season 3 would soon be announced in 2021 or 2022 if the series has not been called off to the delight of the strong fanbase of the anime series.

Storyline: All you need to know before binging on The Asterisk War Season 3

The Asterisk War Season 3

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The novel, and hence the show “The Asterisk War”, takes place in a condition where Earth is facing a serious economic constraint. Inertia, a severely impactful event, devastates all human civilization. These turns of events lead to a special class of humans where they are born with superpowers. This new class of humans is named Genestella in the anime show. Inverter not only gave rise to humans with superpowers but also altered the power balance of the world. Big corporations came into play with this shift of power towards them and an organization named Integrated Enterprise Foundation came into power.

The show soon shifts its focus on the life of a young boy named Ayato Amagiri. This young Genestella boy is enrolled into Seidoukan Academy which comes under the world’s best 6 academies for these humans with superpowers. The academy regularly hosts tournaments known as Festas in which students are required to battle and demonstrate their mettle. Ayato joins the academy wholeheartedly with full enthusiasm but his fate was on his side. As soon as he joins the academy, Ayato accidentally chances on a girl while she was undressing. The girl named Julis-Alexia von Riessfeld on account of his mistake challenges him for a duel, but the fight is soon cut off by the president of the academy’s student council named Claudia Enfield. As the show takes its course forward, the two of them, Ayato and Julis take a positive turn, and they turn out to be close friends. Fans are eagerly waiting for The Asterisk War Season 3! What will be happening in The Asterisk War Season 3?

Ayato’s real interests, with him showing no interest in Festas, soon get disclosed. It turns out that the young boy joined the Seidoukan Academy to look into the matter of his sister’s unexplained and sudden disappearance, who earlier had been a part of the same academy of which he was a part.

Despite the lack of interest of Ayato in the duels and the regular ongoing Festas, he was obliged to participate in these Festas and does so with the help of his close friend Julis. As the show progresses, Ayato and Julis together manage to win several tournaments making them qualify for Phoenix Festa. In the initial stages, together they succeed in defeating two powerful and talented sisters but their fate in the tournament is risked when Ayato’s powers become unreachable and get sealed off. The two friends must come up with a solid plan if they wish to move forward towards winning the tournament.

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Major Characters of The Asterisk War and their backstory

The Asterisk War Season 3

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Ayato Amagiri

Ayato, the central character of The Asterisk Series, is a powerful and influential Genestella who enrolls in the Seidoukan Academy intending to look into the matter of his lost elder sister, who mysteriously disappeared from the same academy, and find her. After his not-so-pleasant introduction with Julis, Ayato eventually becomes her close friend and together with her takes part in Phoenix Festa, which is among the most respected event introduced in all of the Genestella Academies. Despite Ayato’s non-existing interest in these Festas, he is presented as a character with an ability to put up a good fight, and because of the same reasons becomes the student ranked highest in the Seidoukan Academy after he beats the shit out of the previous champion, Kirin Toudou.

Julis-Alexia von Riessfeld

Another key character in the show and Ayato’s close friend, Julis is Lieseltania’s princess, which is an illusionary and small country in Western Europe. Julis is ranked fifth in the Seidoukan Academy because of her impressive fighting skills and great enthusiasm for fighting. Her dream is to achieve a Grand Slam, which is the winning prize one gets after successfully competing and winning in the Phoenix Festa, the Gryps Festa, and the Lindvolus Festa. She proves to be a good teammate for Ayato in the Phoenix Festa in the series.

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Claudia Enfield

Claudia is the student council’s president and also holds the title of being the second top-ranking fighter in the Academy. She is the daughter of an influential and esteemed member of the Integrated Enterprise Foundation and therefore herself holds a great amount of influence with her being the president of the student council since middle school. She is somehow connected to Julis and has also paid a visit to Julis’ home country Lieseltania quite a few times.

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