Travis Scott Expressed his love Says He Still Loves “Wifey” Kylie Jenner as They Attend Gala With Stormi Webster

Travis Scott Says He Still Loves ‘Wifey’ Kylie Jenner At A Red Carpet Event With Stormi Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott, and Stormi are pretty much as close as anyone might imagine! The rapper caused a …

Travis Scott Says He Still Loves ‘Wifey’ Kylie Jenner At A Red Carpet Event With Stormi

Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott, and Stormi are pretty much as close as anyone might imagine! The rapper caused a commotion when he called Kylie his “wifey” at a New York celebration, where the threesome postured for a family representation.

The cosmetics magnate and the rapper ventured out with their 3-year-old little girl, Stormi Webster, for an honorary pathway appearance. The charming threesome went to the 72nd yearly Parsons Benefit at Pier 17 in New York City on Tuesday, where Scott was regarded. During his discourse, he communicated that he cherishes his “wifey” and their child young lady.

The 30-year-old craftsman said, per E! Before advancing inside, the family modeled for the cameras that Stormi, I love you and wifey, I love you .

Jenner, 23, glanced staggering in a vintage Jean Paul Gaultier olive tree dress coordinating with network gloves, which she combined with clear heels. Scott, 30, shaken a smooth dark twofold breasted suit. The cutest was little Stormi, who ventured out in a dark dress with Nike shoes.

Jenner additionally posted a couple’s pic of her and Scott on her Instagram, just inscribing the shot, “24 hours in NYC.”

The photograph gives off an impression of being the first with him on her profile since last year.

In the meantime, Stormi’s appearance on the honorary pathway with her folks is the first since the debut of Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly in Santa Monica in August 2019.

Simply last month, a source disclosed to ET that Jenner and Scott are attempting to make things work.

The source said that Travis truly regards Kylie and adores her maybe too much. She implies a great deal to him. He adores that Kylie is a particularly chief and how incredible of a mother she is. Kylie cherishes that Travis is so inventive and that he puts forth a major attempt to be engaged with Stormi’s life.

Also, the source noticed that the pair desire to give Stormi a kin one day.

The source added  Kylie and Travis are on close terms and preferably, Kylie couldn’t want anything more than to have more messes with one day and she would adore for the dad of her future youngsters to be Travis, yet they aren’t squeezing themselves and are seeing where things go

The family likewise as of late partook in an excursion to Disneyland together, while they spent Memorial Day weekend having water expand battle.

Only two months after the fact, a different source told E! News that Kylie and Travis aren’t formally throwing in the towel on their relationship, however, are dismantling space . It is anything but a firm split. They’ve been battling once more, however have still seen each other inside this last month.

As they approach a long time since their division, the truth star and rapper have set up a strong co-nurturing relationship that may be transforming into something else.

Last month, the alleged exes were spotted at the celeb area of interest Catch in Los Angeles on a triple date with Justin Bieber, Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and Devin Booker.



Additionally in May, they had a water expansion battle with Stormi and went on a family outing to his old neighborhood of Houston, Texas.

It appears to be their new meetups and cross-country get-aways have been a couple of months taking shape. In February, a third insider prodded that there was a chance of the stars making up. As indicated by the source, they weren’t “precluding reuniting.”

As the source clarified that Kylie and Travis are still frantically enamored. You can tell each time they are together that there is a great deal of adoration there. Both of their faces light up when they are together and both appear to be content.

The source uncovered in April that a couple of months after the fact, a fourth insider told E! News that they stayed “old buddies” with an incredible co-nurturing relationship. Kylie and Travis have something to be thankful for going at present.

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