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Amy Duggar King says, ‘I will not be silenced’ Taking About P*rn Case?

It seems Amy Duggar King has a lot to say about her family these days. The former reality TV star, who’s been out of the spotlight for years now, spoke up following Josh Duggar’s recent arrest on child molestation charges and she hasn’t stopped talking since!

Amy Duggar King has been out of the reality television world for years, but her connection to the Duggar family keeps her name in the headlines.Amy Duggar King says, ‘I will not be silenced’ Taking About P*rn Case?

She has been vocal following the arrest of her oldest cousin, Josh Duggar, on child pornography charges. Amy wasn’t impressed when the first round of scandals rocked the family in 2015, and she’s even less impressed now.

The Duggar family might be out of the spotlight but Amy seems to have plenty to say these days. She has been commenting on Josh’s arrest and she hasn’t stopped talking since!
It sounds like you’re a fan?

The reality TV star couldn’t help but share a video of her son Daxton as she banged the utensils and pretended to warn people that they were about to be hit with some nonsense.

She said, “I will not be silenced. And neither should you.” It was obviously meant as a message for someone without blatantly telling the person. The assumption is it was for Anna Duggar, or actually, any of the other Duggar women.

Amy Duggar King alleges that her contract with Jim Bob Duggar prevents him from sharing the details of their marriage. It is unclear if this restriction was put in place to protect Amy, or because he has something more sinister up his sleeve.

Amy Duggar King and Jill Duggar remain close for now

Jill Duggar has come a long way from where she was before leaving Counting On. She and Derick Dillard have spoken out their rift with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar at length, even revealing there were disputes over money, time, or other things. The two cousins spend lots of quality time together these days as they’re both navigating new phases in life: Amy is married to Dillon King while Jill just welcomed her first child into the world last month!

Amy Duggar King has made no secret of her thoughts and opinions on social media. The NDA, which she signed when getting engaged to a mystery man last year, only limits how far Amy can go in expressing what is really upsetting her – but the subtle shade and videos are perfect for doing that without breaking any agreements or putting anything too out in the open. Who “I will not be silenced” was aimed at though remains unclear-but it’s something everyone needs to know about!


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