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Huntington Beach Mayor Pro Tem Tito Ortiz resigns, citing personal attacks

Tito Ortiz leaves Huntington Beach city chamber: ‘This work isn’t working for me’ 

UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz as Huntington Beach Mayor Pro Tem has had enough of his job.

Huntington Beach Mayor Pro Tem Tito Ortiz has surrendered his position, referring to an assault of public assault on his character and dread for the wellbeing of his family. 

Ortiz said during the Tuesday night City Council meeting that despite the fact that he had been under imagined that he was in a bipartisan position and that we all in all had the common target that our city and our constituents might need to put it frankly that isn’t the circumstance.

“The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” will presently don’t have a job in settling on political choices for his old neighborhood after he communicated, “This work isn’t working for me.” 

Ortiz’ time in office, what began in the wake of being picked last November, was not without banter as the board attempted to dispose of him from office with a showing of lion’s share objection under four months into his part as a result of his situations on the Covid pandemic, including public prosperity measures, for instance, cover wear.


Ortiz said that he was under the idea that he was in a bi-hardliner position and that we as a whole had a shared objective that our city and our constituents could have. To put it, to be honest, that is not the situation perusing from a pre-arranged proclamation. 

He proceeded that from Day 1, I was confirmed and I was met with aggression and judgment. Being an individual of note, nothing is new. Notwithstanding, to be the sole focal point of character death every single week, with various reports and released individual data which were all in desires to criticize and slander my name. 

He thought he was up to this work, yet he realized he had more than 40,000 constituents who were there depending on me. As of later, the assaults against me moved to include my family. He presently feel their security is at serious risk. To lay it out plainly, this work isn’t working for me.

Huntington Beach Mayor Pro Tem Tito Ortiz resigns, citing personal attacks

The committee went into the break after Ortiz made the declaration on Tuesday, and the leftover chamber individuals didn’t remark on the advancement upon return.


An uncommon gathering was held on Feb. 1 on whether to free Ortiz of his civic chairman genius team title after an occurrence where he was denied passage to an essential arranging meeting at the Central Library since he appeared without a cover. 

The chamber picked to table the thing to give him more opportunity to get familiar with everything of his position. 

Huntington Beach Mayor Pro Tem Tito Ortiz resigns, citing personal attacks

All the more as of late, Ortiz got analysis for petitioning for joblessness against the city in February, regardless of not having his hours cut during the pandemic. In a proclamation on his Facebook page because of an Orange County Register story on him petitioning for joblessness, he composed that his organizations have “endured enormously because of the COVID lockdowns” and that he had “relinquished numerous pay producing freedoms to serve Huntington Beach as a chosen official.” 

 He composed that it is most disturbing that undeniable level Huntington Beach city workers or potentially chose authorities may have conspired with nearby activists to uncover my classified data to the OC Register as a feature of a continuous character death crusade against me

Ortiz is a long-lasting Huntington Beach occupant. His memoir on Huntington Beach’s site says that he “chose to venture into the political field to battle for his old neighborhood.”

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