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TikTok Viral ‘Uberduck.AI’ Text To Celebrity Speech Bot Is Quite Quacking Good, How to Use?

TikTok Viral ‘Uberduck.AI’: Text To Celebrity Speech Bot Is Quackingly Good

An illustration of one of Uberduck.ai’s VIP voices that turned into a web sensation on TikTok and Twitter.

TikTok was in some major trouble a week ago for supposedly taking a lady’s voice and transforming it into the application’s default text to discourse bot voice. After rapidly changing the voice to be something very sensible and somewhat creepier, individuals started searching for different administrations online that could transform their content into discourse. The web coincidentally found something that offered much more than they were inquiring. Enter:  https://uberduck.ai/

How begun as a task that was just affected fun in late 2020 is presently an undeniable viral sound and device for making interesting recordings and images. With Uberduck, any individual who signs on with their disunity can change over any content into discourse and browse a library of VIP voices.

What separates Uberduck from other AI messages and voice bots is that it was created for and by the AI ​​community. After joining the authority Discord worker, any individual who needs to make and transfer their superstar’s voice can discover guidelines and other supportive individuals prepared to make their fantasy of Guy Fieri thumping on Tyler the Creators “Earfquake” reality to be let.

A few groups, as Jacksepticeye, whose voices are utilized, found the site thus far have for the most part reacted decidedly.

The mix of TikTok changing over their in-application text to voice and the revelation of this site made a pattern where individuals imagined their TikTok voice stalled out as a big name. Particularly since many individuals don’t care for the new voice that TikTok utilizes naturally.

TikTok Viral ‘Uberduck.AI’ Text To Celebrity Speech Bot Is Quite Quacking Good, How to Use?

Luckily, this bot isn’t wonderful at all as the text will glitch where the yield will seem like a blended word reference.

It’s somewhat unnerving to perceive how close the web is to make recordings and sounds so all around faked that we can’t differentiate between the real world and memory. That period as far as profound forging and AI abilities could be followed back to the phones of the mid-2000s. It’s a space that you can watch.

Here is a rundown of the most eminent VIP voices that can get you to say anything you need:

Mickey mouse

Patrick Stewart

Kanye West

Nicki Minaj

SpongeBob SquarePants

Peter Griffin

Wii Sports broadcaster

Jimmy Neutron

Abnormal Al




Sonic the Hedgehog

Charlie Brown



Kermit the frog

Buzz Lightyear


Kanye West has sort off covered Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”. An AI voice generator is permitting clients to take their number one craftsmen’s voices and pair them with any content carried out, and the outcomes are exploding on TikTok.

Albeit the AI voice generator conveys a scope of craftsmen, the rappers are dazzling TikTok clients who are sharing their creations that utilize, for example, any semblance of West and Eminem.

To give it a shot yourself, visit uberduck.ai, however, you should make a Discord account. The AI allows you to pick a scope of voices, going from past presidents, including JFK and Franklin D. 

Roosevelt, to animation characters. The site prompts clients to type in their content, and afterward produces the discourse in the picked voice. In any case, tracking down a reasonable voice can be a drawn-out task, with some showing up moderately unreasonable.

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