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Supernatural season 16 – RENEWED OR CANCELED??? | About the show | The plot | The cast | Release date and trailer

Supernatural season 16

Supernatural season 16: I am back with another article on one more amazing TV show named Supernatural and in this article, we will cover the latest updates of the release of Supernatural season 16, so stay tuned till the very end of it. For those of you who are new to this show, I would like to let you know the basic stuff about the show in the next section.

About the show –

Supernatural is an American TV series with the genre of dark fantasy, action, adventure, mystery, drama, and horror. This series was created by Eric Kripke and was premiered on The WB on 13 Sept 2005, after that this series became a huge hit and also a part of The CW’s lineup successor. This series has various amazing stars as Jensen Ackles who is playing the role of Dean Winchester, Jared Padalecki, playing the character of Sam Winchester.

This TV series goes along with two brothers as they chase ghosts, demons, monsters, and various other supernatural things. This series has been produced by various associations as Sera Gamble, Kripke, McG, Ben Edlund, Robert Singer, John Shiban, Phil Sgriccia, and Jeremy Carver. Unfortunately, due to lung cancer, director and producer of the fourth season of the series, Kim Manners is not among us.

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This series was basically produced in alliance with Wonderland Sound and Vision by Warner Bros. Television. The shooting was done in Vancouver, British Columbia. The pilot episode was seen by 5.69 million spectators and if we talk about the ratings, so the rating for the first 4 episodes was so high that WB was elicited to choose this series for a full season.

Supernatural season 16

Kripke decided to make only three seasons of the show but shortly afterward, it got extended to five seasons which came to an end of the main storyline, and Kripke deceased the series as showrunner. But the series went to 10 seasons with its new showrunners as Andrew Dabb, Sera Gamble, Robert Singer, and Jeremy Carver.

Then after the release of its 11th season, Supernatural became the longest-running live-action American TV show. This show then went up to its 15th season which has 20 episodes in total which aired on 10 Oct 2019, and then concluded on 19 Nov 2020. So, this series has 327 episodes in total series.

The cast of Supernatural –


Jensen Ackles – Plays the character of Dean Winchester who is like a shielding figure in the life of Sam who always tries his best to provide a way better life to Sam and tries to keep him alive., though he actually deserves it. In the real life in the show, Jensen Ackles is perfectly sound and fine but Dean suffers a lot of trauma.

Jared Padalecki – plays the role of Sam Winchester who is the mastermind of any operations in the show and hence it was very clear from the very beginning that he would thrive all the difficulties and will live a sound life till the very end of the series.


Misha Collins – Plays the role of Castiel who is a member of the Winchester monster-hunting squad who developed a heart-warming relationship with the Winchester brothers, though the ultimate end of Casteil is quite sad and emotional. His new film is coming up named Invasion of the sci-fi genre.

Mark Sheppard – Plays the role of Crowley who is one of the main villains of the series. He started working for Supernatural from its 5th season till the 12th season. Crowley is also called King of Hell definitely for a reason and he gave a spectacular and brilliant performance.

Jim Beaver – plays the character of a surrogate father of both the Winchester brothers named Bobby Singer, he was a sweet person but remained in the show till the 7th season only.

Supernatural season 16

The plot of Supernatural –

The entire story revolves around two brothers usually named Winchester brothers who are following up in the footsteps of their father. To save the lives of innocent people, they chase monsters, demons, and supernatural devil creatures in all. They later discover by following their family business, that to save people, they are not only going to hunt the monsters as well as the demons but they have to fight against very powerful reapers, angels, and even death.

Release date of Supernatural season 16 –

In the year 2019, Collins, Jared, and Jensen uploaded a video on Instagram and felt their gratitude towards the entire team of Supernatural series including executive producers, The CW network, WB Television, and the entire crew. Then, he said that they want to give a send-off to their characters whom they adore so much.

Supernatural season 16

So, yes, it means that the Supernatural season 16 has officially been canceled but once President of CW, Mark Pedowitz said that there might be samsara of the show if everything will be fine. So, the fact is the Supernatural season 16 has been canceled and hence there will no trailer of Supernatural season 16 as well obviously!

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