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China Shown Its Big Muscles Again : Practices Taiwan Invasion Drills

China is practicing its invasion plans to take over Taiwan with a series of drills. In the latest exercise, they practiced taking out an enemy’s radar system and air defense systems. The two sides have been at odds for decades since China took control of Taiwan in 1949.

The conflict between China and Taiwan has been a constant threat in recent years. On Wednesday, November 7th, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) conducted mock drills to simulate invading Taiwan. The exercises took place at Zhurihe training base in northwest China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and involved about 10,000 people.

The world is not a quiet place after the pandemic. Nations big and small are out to assert their influence on the world stage, while tensions rise between China and Taiwan in the South China sea. Amidst this, military drills undertaken by Chinese forces show preparation for the Taiwanese invasion – which would be bad news indeed given that they’re still recovering from disaster at home!

The Chinese navy has just completed a three-day exercise in the East China Sea. The drill showcased their latest 40,000-tonne amphibious warship which will carry up to 30 choppers and 1000 personnel. In response to this show of military might by Beijing’s Navy, Japan is planning on creating two new destroyer warships with Russia.China Shown Its Big Muscles Again : Practices Taiwan Invasion Drills

Chinese PLA military exercises have shown intense training, and experts are predicting possible war over Taiwan.

In a recent military exercise, the Chinese army demonstrated its preparation for an invasion of Taiwan. This is troubling news considering China’s past aggressive attitude towards Taiwanese independence movements.

According to Song Zhongping, one of China’s top military experts who has been interviewed by many international media outlets in Asia and Europe, this latest show-of-force was designed to intimidate any would-be insurgents or terrorists that might try threatening mainland China from overseas bases such as on nearby Taiwan Island. The PLA training showed signs of possible war over Taiwan which should not go unnoticed given how difficult it may prove for other countries around the world to intervene diplomatically or militarily if things get out of hand between Beijing and Taipei because they are both nuclear powers.

The Chinese Army is so determined to protect China that it has been conducting daily warplane drills for over a decade. The army claims these are its answer to the secessionist forces and shows how much power it can bring together to safeguard China’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, and military dominance on an international level.

China is making sure the world knows they are capable of defending their country. Daily warplane drills and joint amphibious landing operations with high complexity, such as these recent exercises that showcased China’s capability in defense, serve to protect against foreign invasion or secessionist forces meaning it keeps peace within its borders.

What is Happening there?China Shown Its Big Muscles Again : Practices Taiwan Invasion Drills

Tensions are mounting on both ends of the Taiwan Strait as China continues to flex its military muscle in the region. Beijing has been sending warplanes and warships near Taiwan, while Taipei is ramping up its own defense budget, which will grow by more than 20% this year. The island nation’s president Tsai Ing-wen said she would not bow to pressure from Beijing and called for “a new era” of regional relations under her watch.

The establishment urged the foreign forces of its intent to carry out more exercises. They would show their true ability with the involvement of missile, artillery, and aviation forces while simultaneously increasing the frequency in which it intrudes Taiwan’s airspace by one to three propeller planes at a time. President Su Tseng-chang responded saying such intrusion is an unnecessary and thoughtless provocation that is meant only as an act against his country.

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