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Camilla Parker is Next QUEEN Finally Confirmed by Buckingham Palace and Her Son. Secret Strategy?

Upon his ascension to the throne, it’s unclear which title Camilla will be bestowed. Will she continue with her current wifely duties as Duchess of Cornwall or take on a new role such as Princess Consort?

Upon Prince Charles’ coronation and subsequent assumption into royalty, there is some uncertainty about what future titles he might bestow upon his beloved duchess – currently known by many Britons simply as ‘the Duchess’. The Queen has been impressed enough with Camilla that she may receive an ennoblement in any one of three different capacities: princess consort (similar to HRH Catherine Middleton), queen dowager (as was Diana), or even eventual successor-queen when Charles becomes King himself.

Camilla became the Duchess of Cornwall after Charles and Camilla married on April 9, 2005. Princess of Wales is the title given to the wife of a Prince who was next in line for succession. Instead, she chose her own role as “Duchess” because Diana’s title had already been taken by another woman before their marriage.

After decades of waiting, Prince Charles will finally ascend to the throne. The longest-serving British monarch in history is Queen Elizabeth II and she’s his mother. When he is crowned King, Camilla Parker Bowles has been granted the title HRH Princess Consort instead of Duchess or Countess as long as their marriage remains.

The prince of Wales has been waiting for decades to take the throne. Queen Elizabeth, his mother is the longest-serving monarch in British history and when he takes it’s expected that Mrs Parker Bowles will use her title HRH The Princess Consort’

In anticipation of Prince Charles becoming King, his wife Camilla was detailed as being “HRH – Her Royal Highness” with an emphasis on a new useage: Princess consort’.

Camilla was the first to use a new title, princess consort. The queen consort is given for wives of reigning monarchs and Camilla received this honor because crowning her as queen would cause more PR problems than if she were just called Princess Consort according to Slate at the time. Despite all of her popularity in England, it seems that they’ve decided not to make any changes from when Charles became King so we can only call Camila “Princess Consorts”

Camilla was the first to use and create a new title for wives of reigning monarchs. The queen consort is typically titled as wife, but Camilla’s popularity caused her the only exception in this case because she would cause PR problems with people who are against their relationship.

They didn’t make the decision till now:

April 9th 2021 – Charles The Prince of Wales and Camilla The Duchess of Cornwall celebrate their sixteenth wedding anniversary. They were married at Windsor Guildhall, St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle in Windsor, Berkshire, England, UK on April 9th 2005. – File Photo by: zz/AH/AAD/STAR MAX/IPx 2005 4/9/05 Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles on their wedding day. (Windsor, England, UK)

However, the decision has yet to be taken according to her son. Regardless of what Buckingham Palace has already said about Camilla’s future position. Clarence House issued two statements on it that are still contradictory at this point in time.

Her son Tom Parker-Bowles claims that no decision has been taken.
The food critic and writer says he’s not sure what title his mother will use,  according to Hello! Magazine. He admitted, “I really don’t know if Mum would be named queen.” “It hasn’t been  determined yet.” I’m sure there are plenty of fascinating Sky documentaries on the subject, but I really don’t  know if that’s true.”

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