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The Asterisk War Season 3: EXCLUSIVE NEWS!!! CONFIRMED? | Premiere Date | Cast | Characters | Plot | Trailer | Updates!!

The Asterisk War Season 3: CONFIRMED!!

The Asterisk War Season 3: In Japan famously known as Gakusen Toshi Asutarisuku is anime action television series which is plotted on a series of the novel of the same name The Asterisk War. Penned by Yū Miyazaki and illuminated by Okiura, The Asterisk War’s novel series was first released on September 25, 2012. It was the talk of the town and that is why shortly in later years was modified into a Manga series. 

The Asterisk War came under the spotlight and on 3 October 2015, it premiered its first episode in Japan.  The series was a huge success and received a lot of appreciation from the majority of people. With so much huge fan base and support, on 2 April 2016 season 2 of The Asterisk War was released with a bang. And with its increasing popularity, a new benchmark is set and its fans are getting crazy for The Asterisk War Season 3.

The Asterisk War Season 3


Perplexing release date of The Asterisk War Season 3

On 2 April 2016, The Asterisk Season 2 was released and was in the running till 18 June 2016,  till date there is no official announcement regarding the show.  It has been countless five years and still a mystery of The Asterisk War Season 3 releasing date prevails. Moreover, there is no reason for panic as there are plenty of novels still getting published and there is still an unending plot for the show. Further, According to the prediction work department, it is predicted that The Asterisk War Season 3 release dates might fall in 2021. 

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At this moment there is no finalized releasing date and no news in relation to postpone or renewal of  The Asterisk War Season 3. The simple fact behind it is that anime series needs an ample amount of time for its creation, Its production requires a plethora of techniques and technicality, unlike American TV series which are easily directed, produced, and released all over the world within a year or two.  

  On other hand, The Asterisk War series are still running on Netflix and its availability is a positive clue as Netflix opts for anime series which are lucrative and rising. Even if its original production house which is A-1 Pictures Inc will not continue with the series, Netflix might think about The Asterisk Season 3 regeneration.   


Surprise!! Official trailer of The Asterisk War Season 3 is Available?

Wistfully, but there is no official trailer of The Asterisk Wae Season 3 is available till now. But keep your hopes high, hopefully, you’ll be surprised soon.

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Where You can find The Asterisk War English Dub

If you have a problem in understanding Japanese and feel more comfortable and prefer to watch the show in English dub. Then just go and have a look on Crunchyroll.

And, if you are from the list of people who enjoy watching it in the original language then you can opt for English subtitles too. Go to settings and select language as per your choice.

The Asterisk War Season 3


The Asterisk War Plot:

The plot of the story is based on an unparalleled disaster that happened on Earth during the 20th century which affected the world economically. Most of the cities globally were badly disrupted.  An unknown element known as mana was spotted within the meteors, which gave prompt strides to human technology. It gave rise to a new breed of human species born with individual skills that came to be known as Genestella. After-effects of this event were, the power balance of the world witnessed a shift towards the Integrated Enterprise Foundation which was the group of megacorporations.  

The story revolves around Ayato Amagiri, the young Genestella boy, who is just shifted to the world’s best six academies of Genestella, where Festas is the name of the tournament organized to examine students’ strength on the battlefield. Ayato enters an academy that is on the fifth rank in the Asterisk city named the Seidoukan Academy. Though his starting was quite difficult as a mishap happens with a girl named Julis-Alexia. As the story proceeds the fight among them gets sorted and they both got acquainted and over time they become close friends. 

As the story proceeds further Ayato’s motive of joining the Seidoukan Academy is disclosed that he has joined the academy, not because of his interest in Festas but to inspect the mystery behind his sister’s exodus, who was a student of the Seidoukan Academy. But as he was the Genestella, he had to participate in the Festas so he helped Julis.  They both got along very well in many Festas but in Phoenix Festas their skills got tested. Ayato and Julis managed it tremendously well in that advanced stage but a tragedy took take place and Ayato’s powers were stolen. With this news spreading like a forest fire, Ayato and Julis have to plan accordingly if they desire to win the tournament.


Expectation from The Asterisk war season 3 based on assumption?

If you have followed the asterisk’s both the seasons then you must be aware of the story of the asterisk war wherein the 20th century a disaster took place which affected the earth’s condition adversely. The thing named Invertia spread mass destruction on earth. 

After some lapse of time, you will witness the rise of humans having some uncanny powers. They were not called humans because they possess some supernatural powers and character traits thus a special term is used to denote them as Genestella. 

The Asterisk War Season 3

As the story moves on, you will see a young boy called Ayato Amagiri, who has to join the fifth-best academy, the Seidoukan Academy, and is participating in various Festas with his partner Julis. And Ayato has lost his powers.

So now probably The Asterisk War Season 3 plot will be around the mystery of Ayato’s stolen powers and how he will be able to regain his powers and what strategy will he be opting to win the Phoenix Festas tournament. Now further just hold your breath and just wait till the further mystery is revealed in The Asterisk War season 3.

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