Jennifer Lopez’s Ex-Fiancé Alex Rodriguez Cheating ACCUSED! Totally DUMPED

Jennifer Lopez’s Ex-Fiancé Alex Rodriguez Dumped Again!

As though things weren’t awful enough for Alex Rodriguez getting unloaded by Jennifer Lopez, he has been dropped again – this time by her spectacular companions.

Sources says Alex got so used to the astounding universe of Jennifer Lopez it never happened to him that it would all end the second they separated .

Things were at that point going more awful for Alex Rodriguez in the wake of getting unloaded by Jennifer Lopez, unfortunately now it would seem that he got unloaded once more! yet, this time by her awesome companions.

He was basically her notwithstanding one to each shocking event from The Met Ball to President Biden’s Inauguration. The little secret no one examined while they were together was everyone required Jen, not Alex. The permission to A-once-over Hollywood, private events, and shockingly world pioneers was an immediate consequence of her.

The insider added that he is a significant star and has a staggering life, yet it isn’t close at all to the life and openings that come from dating JLO. All that has gone. Alex got so used to the dazzling universe of Jennifer Lopez it never happened to him that it would all end the subsequent they isolated

Insiders add that the world-mainstream Yankee got the message when Lopez sang the Rex Sox’s casual mark tune, the Neil Diamond praiseworthy Sweet Caroline, before a crowd of a few nights back at the Global Citizen Vax Live’s show taping on May 2.

Sources tell everyone was focusing on Jen singing that tune while devotee Red Sox fan, Ben Affleck was watching her perform. When in doubt it was correspondingly as much a significant at Alex as anything to do with Ben.

“She’s troubled that Alex destroyed this all. They were secured to be hitched. She treated that suitably and he blew it.”


As Radar as of late uncovered, Lopez was spotted spending time with her ex Affleck. The Batman V Superman entertainer was found being gotten in a SUV, controlled by Lopez, and went to her L.A. estate.

Sources say Lopez and Affleck have been becoming acquainted with one another since the time she appeared back from recording her new film in the Dominican Republican.

A source exhorted us, “Jennifer has a great deal of friends and family she could go to for help, yet no, she goes to Ben.”

The insider revealed everyone acknowledges Ben is the worship that moved away. With all of his issues, he drove her away, yet at this point Ben is in a fair spot and the two of them are single. Clearly, they are back together

The insider said she’s distraught that Alex wrecked this all. They were locked in to be hitched. She treated him right and he blew it  Recently Lopez was spotted hanging out with her ex-Ben (The Batman V Superman actor) found into one of Lopez’s SUVs headed towards L.A.’s chateau.

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