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CrankGameplays Girlfriend? Who is this rumored girl? SHOCKING REVELATION!! about their relationship (2021)! Personal life | Career | Family

CrankGameplays Girlfriend

CrankGameplays Girlfriend: CrankGameplays Girlfriend or we shall say, this article is all about Ethan Mark Nestor Darling and his girlfriend with whom he frequently made appearances but has stopped recently.

The first question is, who is CrankGameplays?

If you are a hard-core gamer then this name is something that you have come across at least once in your gaming lifetime, but if you aren’t one, then the name surely does not ring a bell.

Ethan Mark Nestor Darling, better known online as CrankGameplays, is a gamer / YouTuber / streamer / online commentator. He was also one of Markpiler’s former video editors (Mark Edward Fischbach, Markpiler, who is also an American YouTuber especially known for streaming mostly horror games).

CrankGameplays Girlfriend

Many say that CrankGameplays Girlfriend exists in rumors, and his sexuality is all but clouded, but there is a CrankGameplays Girlfriend that many fans aren’t aware of, so who is she, let’s find out.

CrankGameplays Girlfriend – Who is She?

CrankGameplays has been in a relationship with a new YouTuber in the field named Mika Midgett. Mika Midgett, better known online as RipMika is a YouTuber, Streamer, Singer, Record Producer, and Film Composer who is also best known for her Gaming/Music content on her channel. She also composed the score for the Universal Pictures film Distant.

CrankGameplays Girlfriend

Mika had her YouTube channel set up back in 2012, but she started uploading videos and content on her channel recently, i.e from April 28, 2020. Previously she made quiet appearances in some of CrankGameplays YouTube videos. Fans would see them answer Q&As.

Thus even though she was late into the race, her channel gained around 15,000 followers within a month after she began uploading stuff.

CrankGameplays Girlfriend

Mika’s channel basically aims towards gaming and music content, but long before she was recognized through her YouTube channel, she had another social media account where she gained recognition through her modeling pictures, cosplays, and cute selfies. This was on her Instagram account which was known as SirenMika.

CrankGameplays Girlfriend – Mika Midgett Early life

Mika was born on August 30, 1994, in North Carolina, the United States to an American-Czechoslovakian family.

Growing up she had designated her fair share of time into harboring her love for music, gaming, anime, movies, and k-pop, and she continues to do so except this time she shares that love with the world.


CrankGameplays GirlfriendMika completed her High school studies in North Carolina, and it would be fair to

say that she completely abdicated her higher studies, therefore moving to Los Angeles.

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Mika had suggested from a lung problem when she was young, it was so severe that she had to be operated on at the age of 13. She had been doing well since. Midgett has a small family with no siblings, it’s just her parents and her grandmother.

CrankGameplays Girlfriend – Mika Midgett’s Age & Net      Worth

Mika was born on August 30, 1994, which makes her 26 years old as of now.

As for Midgett’s net worth, we know that long before she grew her business on YouTube, she had already gained recognition through her Instagram account, named SirenMika. As of 2021, her Networth stands somewhere between $1.5 million – $5.5 million. Which comes basically from her exciting content on both her platforms.

CrankGameplays Girlfriend – Relationships & More

Fans often saw Mika featuring in some off CrankGameplays YouTube videos. Well, people already knew her from her Instagram page as SirenMika, but she also caught attention from a lot of CrankGameplays fandom as well. Presently she has gained prominence form by uploading gameplay from Minecraft and Among Us.

There isn’t any information about Mika’s past relationships, she had moved to Los Angeles straight away after completing her High school. Mika Midgett dated Ethan Mark Nestor Darling from August 2018. As mentioned earlier, she had been making quick appearances in some of Ethan’s videos, but that has reduced to a great extent leading fans to raise their curiosity.

Just like, one fine day, Ethan disclosed that he was in a relationship with Mika, it was on a fine day as well that he revealed that the couple had ended their relationship as well on his official Twitter account without revealing any reasons behind it and asking the fans for some privacy. Ethan and Mika ended their relationship on August 3, 2020, after being together for 2 years.

CrankGameplays Girlfriend

Well, the fans have been curious about the reason behind their split, but the couple hasn’t revealed anything as such and have moved on with their lives, but they are still in touch and steam together at times. During their split, Ethan mentioned that Mika will be a very important person in his life.

Many were upset about their spilled but they have moved on with their lives and are happy together.

CrankGameplays Girlfriend

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