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Melinda Heartbroken! After She caught Bill Gates Cheating from long time with Interpreter Zhe “Shelly” Wang

Bill Gates, the world’s richest man and founder of Microsoft Corporation, has been caught cheating on Melinda Gates with Interpreter Zhe “Shelly” Wang. The two have been seen together in Beijing where they were attending a meeting for China International Cooperation Agency (CICA). Bill and Shelly are both divorced so it is not uncommon that they would meet up while traveling abroad. However, Bill had previously stated that he was happily married to Melinda when asked about his relationship status during an interview at the World Economic Forum in Davos last year.

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People all over the internet are wondering how this will impact their charitable donations given that Bill Gates is the chairman of The Giving Pledge. In 2010, he donated $

Bill Gates Affair

Bill Gates and Interpreter Zhe “Shelly” Wang have been rumored to be having an affair for a few years now. This has led many people, including Bill Gates himself, to believe that this is the reason behind his recent divorce from Melinda Gates. It was announced on Tuesday that they will be getting divorced after 25 years of marriage together. They are both still residing in Seattle and committed to their respective charitable causes.

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Bill Gates and Interpreter Zhe “Shelly” Wang: The Reason for the Bill-Melinda Gates Divorce. After 25 years of marriage, it is sad to hear that this may be one of the reasons why they are divorcing. It really does seem like nothing could have saved their relationship after all these years together when you think about how much infidelity there was in it from both parties. What do you make of this real-life story?

Where they Met

Bill Gates has been known as a philanthropist and businessman for decades. Recently, it was revealed that he is also a philanderer. He cheated on his wife with Zhe ‘Shelly’ Wang, who he met at Harvard University. Rumors of their affair have circulated for years but they were never confirmed until now.

She works with Bill Gates Truth

There had been rumors of Bill Gates’ extramarital affair for a decade, but it is only recently that the world discovered who his mistress might have been. The woman’s name has not yet come to light, but she was supposedly an employee at Bill’s charitable foundation in China named ‘Zhe ‘Shelly’ Wang.’ It seems likely that their relationship started when they met through work and then became more intimate as time passed.

Who is Zhe “Shelly” Wang

Wang is a translator who has worked for the Gates Foundation, Yale School of Management, and Harvard Business School. She didn’t always work in translation as she had her own family restaurant when she immigrated to America from China. Wang attended Brigham Young University where she studied business management with an emphasis on international marketing and finance while also learning six different languages including English, Chinese, French Cantonese Mandarin German among others

Wang’s linguistic skills are as varied and complex as her background. She speaks six languages, including English, Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese French, and German. Wang is a translator for the Gates Foundation in addition to Yale School of Management at Harvard Business School–a double major that doesn’t seem half-bad!

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Wang has been working for the Gates Foundation since 2015. Apparently, she had previously worked with other organizations and institutions as a translator at one time before that. She was also employed by Delta Air Lines to work in flight attendant duties during this period of her life too.

Apparently, Wang thought it would be easy enough for these rumors about her involvement in Bill and Melinda’s split to go away– however, they instead went crazy continuously targeting her until now! In conclusion of what she wrote on Chinese social media website Weibo (who knows if you can read), she slammed all those who are trying their best to make up such ridiculous stories out there without taking into account how much stress they have caused both herself AND others that know better!


It’s such a shame when infidelity and lies come into play in relationships, especially after 25 years! After reading this article on the Bill Gates Divorce, do you think it was right of them to end their marriage? Well, it is all rumors for now nobody confirmed it fully.

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