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Jaden Smith DIED, Committed Suicide Due to his Health Issue?

Jaden Smith

Google Trends has shown a steady increase in searches for “Jaden Smith” and “Dying” since the start of 2016. The first search spike happened on February 13th, which was shortly after an interview with Highsnobiety where he said he had never eaten a burger before and would be living a Vegan life.

Who is Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith is a very talented actor, director, and rapper. He has starred in many popular movies such as The Pursuit of Happyness and After Earth. His debut studio album SYRE was released on November 17th, 2017 to rave reviews from fans and critics alike. However, at the time of this writing, Jaden does not have any new projects that are announced so we don’t know what he’s been up to these days. But with his past success, I’m sure he’ll be fine!Jaden Smith DIED, Committed Suicide Due to his Health Issue?

Jaden Smith Death

News of actor Jaden Smith’s death spread rapidly earlier this week leading many fans around the globe to fear the worst. However this week the April 21st report was officially confirmed as a total hoax and nothing more than another false celebrity death hoax. Despite this, the internet is still filled with theories as to what the real story behind the death of the star of Spongebob Squarepants really is. The real story is that actors usually die very quietly with no prior warning, especially if they are in the public eye for a long period of time. This can be a shock for family members and fans as actors rarely announce their deaths.Jaden Smith DIED, Committed Suicide Due to his Health Issue?


This brings us to the question of whether or not the death hoax is being done by an individual or by a company or group of people. While there is no hard proof one way or the other it seems the answer is yes, someone at least is pushing the theory that the actor died of a heart attack. This can be attributed to the recent turmoil actor Brandon Fraser went through over the summer. His untimely death sparked numerous speculations that his life was threatened due to substance abuse, although it has since been confirmed that he was not using drugs.

Jaden Smith HealthJaden Smith DIED, Committed Suicide Due to his Health Issue?

Some have suggested that a death hoax artist was involved because Jaden Smith was in the spotlight for such a long time. This is especially true if we look at his early years. He was an avid user of social networking sites, which gives one the clues we need to determine if he had an accident. There have been numerous reports that Jaden smith used marijuana and alcohol as well as being a heavy smoker of cocaine. These things would certainly bring on anxiety and stress.

Other fans have come up with their own theories. One of the more popular is that the actor had an affair with a member of the cast. This came to light when one of the fans went to the set to photograph them and noticed the actor and his wife talking to one another. Other fans have suggested that made may have been seeing a close friend of his insecurities and decided to go “under the knife” to get some attention. Whether these or any of these are true remains to be seen, but what we do know is that the speculation surrounding Jaden smith’s death is rampant.

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Recently, one of the websites where fans can leave messages to the actors themselves has Jaden smith’s death hoax written all over it. There have been some messages from Jaden’s fans that read simply” condolences”. While some others said simply “he is a great actor and will be missed”. These sentiments are heartwarming and show just how much his fans care. We are all hoping for the best for the actor who is truly one of the greatest.

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Some sites are actually helping spread the Jaden smith death hoax by running specials where they invite fans to write on the blogs or websites to claim that they actually did find proof of the maiden’s death. They offer a prize to anyone who comes closest to proving that made died this way. So far the Jaden hoax theories are all but ignored by his fans. It seems as though most of them feel that he is still alive and kicking in his old age. Only time will tell what the outcome of all the Jaden theory will be but the fans do not seem to mind if there is any truth to it at all.

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