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Shimoneta Season 2: RENEWED AGAIN? Release date OUT! | About the show | Plot | The characters

Shimoneta Season 2: RELEASE DATE!!

Hope you all are doing well! The situation is really tough these days due to an increase in the number of Covid patients, it is the second wave in various countries and you need to be safe, everyone needs to be safe ’cause you are precious, right, for your family, for your friends so just take care of yourselves and everything will be fine.

Well, let’s get back to the topic which is about another animated TV show named Shimoneta. There are many rumors that there will be a sequel (Shimoneta Season 2) of this show so, let’s find out that are these rumors true or they are just “rumors”! But many of the readers might be new to this show and have no idea what kind of animation is this, so for them, I would like to share a little bit of the basic stuff of the show.

About the show –

Shimoneta is also called ‘Sgimmonets to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Taikutsu na Sekai’ or ‘Shimoseka’ in the Japanese language and the meaning of this sentence is ‘Shimoneta – A boring world where no concept of the dirty jokes exist’. So it is quite an easy thing to comprehend the basic concept of this anime show on which it is based. This anime is based on a series of light novels. It was written by Hirotaka Akagi in nine volumes since the year 2012, published by Shogakukan, and illustrated by Eito Shimotsuki.

Later on, in the year 2014, the adaptation of this manga was printed as a part of the Shonen manga magazine named Monthly Comic Blade of Mag Garden. This anime adaptation became a massive hit among its viewers which aired in the year 2015. This show was produced by J.C Staff which is an independent studio in Japan. The first season of the anime show was successfully aired twelve episodes starting from July 2015 to Sept 2015.

Shimoneta Season 2

Shimoneta – Plot –

In an anti-utopia substitute Japan, the government of the state has put up few obstructions on the opinion as well as the communication of the public. Due to the strict eyes of the Japanese government, the entire population of the country has been surrendered while there was a strike on violence. The government officers started to spy on every single action of the public and in the case of the people scourge, they will immediately pull in people and will lead them to the court.

Any kind of unethical activity done by the public will not be entertained and it will lead to their arrest or the apportionment of crude materials that are judged as illegitimate. Not only this, all the citizens are abided to wear the Peace Maker, a device which is manufactured to detect their activities. These are basically made to alert all the defense bureaucrats who are always ready to arrive immediately at the place where something wrong is going on.

These are exceptionally high-tech devices that can register as well as decrypt the voice of humans which helps the defense bureaucrats to know everything about the activities of the citizens. Also, it is capable of monitoring the gestures as well as the interactions occurring between different individuals to assure that the citizens are not involved in any kind of illegitimate activities. Obviously, this is a complete violation of basic human rights and almost impossible in today’s world. What do you guys think?

Though the people are trying their best to get relieved from this kind of captivity of the government every day. People are now hopeless. they have lost everything but the turning point is when Tanukichi Okuma enters the scene, he has a strong, confident, and vibrant personality, and also he is the male protagonist of the show and he, later on, joins Public Morals School and meets his love interest, Anna.

The story talks about the things which you can not have but wants to have. The dirty joke has a deeper meaning and is not only related to the sexual stuff.

Shimoneta Season 2

Shimoneta – Characters –

  • Tanukichi Okuma
  • Anna Nishikinomiya
  • Sophia Nishikinomiya
  • Ayame Kajou
  • Reiki Gouriki 
  • Otome Saotome
  • Kosuri Onigashira
  • Hyouka Fuwa
  • Keisuke Onigashira
  • Matsukage Nishikinomiya 
  • Oboro Tsukimigusa 
  • Takuma Ichinose 
  • Yutori Nuregoromo
  • Yutori Nuregoromo
  • Base Black
  • Nadeshiko Kajou
  • Annie Brown
  • Balkan
  • Ranko Okuma
  • Rabu Mashin

Shimoneta Season 2

Shimoneta Season 2 – Release date –

The first season of Shimoneta premiered on July 4, 2015, and the last episode of the show aired on Sept 19, 2015. Though there are no official announcements for the release of Shimoneta Season 2 there are still some rumors regarding its release, we can not confirm the exact details about the release of Shimoneta Season 2 but yes its popularity of the first season of the show is no joke and we can anticipate and make conjectures regarding the release of its sequel really soon.

There is so much more to the storyline of the show than what has been shown in the first season of the show. But the best possibility is that the release date of Shimoneta Season 2 could be somewhere in the year 2021.

Also, if we talk about the trailer of the Shimoneta Season 2, it will be released as there will be announcements regarding its release and it will be updated on Funimation, Crunchyball.

This is all for today’s article on Shimoneta Season 2 release date. Hope you have received enough information regarding the release date of the Shimoneta series.

Until next time, stay tuned for all the latest updates. Did you find our article on Shimoneta Season 2 useful? Did I miss something about Shimoneta Season 2? Do you want more articles like Shimoneta Season 2? Share your reviews!


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