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Matt Lashey: Bio | Age | Career | Net Worth (2021) | SECRETS REVEALED!!! | Personal Life |

     All about Matt Lashey

Matt Lashey, a name that has currently surfaced onto the internet just because Donald Trump announced someone from his cabinet openly gay. So who exactly is Matt Lashey? what type of a person is he and why has his name gone viral?

Matt Lashey becomes quite the media magnet after he came out publicly as the named boyfriend of Richard Grenell. Now the question arises as to who Richard Grenell is, Richard is an American political advisor a media consultant, and a diplomat.

But how exactly did Richard’s boyfriend made media headlines? This all took place when President Donald Trump openly announced his cabinet member Richard Grenell as the only member who is gay which led to exposure into Lashey’s life as his boyfriend.

Matt Lashey

Well for a private person such as Matt Lashey, being exposed in the media as a cabinet members’ boyfriend is the least that he could imagine but he made headlines anyway thus getting people excited to know more about him and his life.

Matt Lashey – Bio

Matt Lashey is the longtime partner of Richard Grenell. Matt has a career in analyzing and interpreting data.

Richard Grenell, the new U.S. ambassador to Germany, was officially sworn on May 4, 2018, on a Thursday by Vice President Pence. Pens also praised Grendel calling him well accomplished for this role that has been bestowed to him.

That at the oath-taking ceremony Grenell was joined by his closest family member as well as his long-term boyfriend Matt Lashey who held the Bible while Pence read out the official oath.

Matt Lashey

It was at that time when we first got a view of Grenell’s boyfriend in flesh. Other than that we have also seen Grendel admit in personal, that Matt has always been there with him when he was battling against his cancer.

Well, as of now information about Matt Lashey’s family, his siblings, his ethnicity has not been updated as far as it is concerned. Matt follows Christianity. After getting good at his stature, it can be concluded that he has a height of 5’8 and is in his 50s. His birth date has not been revealed, we will update the post as soon as it gets updated.

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Matt Lashey – Age

Matt Lashey is said to be around his 50s, as can be analyzed by some of his pictures.

Richard Grenell is 53 years old himself, thus it is highly probable that he would date a man around his age as well.

Matt Lashey – Career

As private as Lashey is, as expected he has managed to keep a low profile in every one of his records, from his birth to his parents, siblings, former relationships, and his career as well. But there is somewhat little information about his achievements as of now.

Matt Lashey had his first degree in Bachelor of fine arts (B.F.A) from Boston Conservatory at Berklee, Hochschulwesen from the year 1991-1995. It provides a progressive learning environment where students are challenged to realize their potential as artists and inspired to pursue their dreams. For his higher studies, he opted for an MBA from the Columbia Business school at Hochschulwesen as well, from the year 2003-2005. From the year 2005, did he start his career?

Matt Lashey

Matt Lashey currently is a health tech entrepreneur. Earlier, that is before Lashey played his cards in this field of health tech, he used to serve as a cancer caregiver.

Lacey first worked as a Director of Media & Entertainment, at Markitecture from January 2005-Feb 2007, for almost 2 years 2 months. After that, he went on being the  –


Vice President of Strategic Insights from November 2009 – April 2011, for 1 year 6 months.


Vice President of Primary Research  January 2009 – November 2009, for 1 1 month.


Director of Primary Research Feb  2007 – December 2008, for 1 year 11 months.

It is clear that Lashey has had a fine number of jobs and is experienced.

Later on, he went up to working with a television network named A&E Television Network for almost 4 years.

Matt Lashey

He has also worked as the Vice President of Innovation, and as a Research Consultant for Discovery Communications. Presently he identifies himself as the CEO of Chemowave, the first free app from the parent company Treatment Technology & Insights.


In June 2013, Grenell revealed that he had been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and started chemotherapy. Lately, his partner assisted in his rehabilitation by making an app that allowed him to keep track of his medications and their respective side effects.

Matt Lashey

Matt Lashey has had numerous amount of jobs, as mentioned earlier he has formerly worked with two entertainment conglomerates, A&E / Lifetime Television and  Discovery Network, as well as the innovation consulting form Maddock Douglas, in numerous strategic research and data processing executive positions.

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Matt Lashey and Richard Grenell Relationship

Grenell and boyfriend Lashey have been together for almost two decades now. The pair now resides together in Los Angeles, LA. They have a dog named Lola.

Matt Lashey

The couple has not made any headlines as of now. Well, we wouldn’t have found out about Grenell’s boyfriend if it was not for Donald Trump in the first place, Lashey is supposed to be a very private person. We might have seen them together at various other events but we never knew that the couple was in a relationship.

they have succeeded in keeping a very low profile even after being exposed to the media and they haven’t made any headlines regarding their relationship does we can assume that their relationship is going Rock strong.

Matt Lashey

Lashley does not seem to have any social media accounts other than Twitter where all he promotes is his app, Chemowave, and other topics regarding Cancer prevention. Math is very well devoted to his job.

At times we catch some glimpses of the couple together through Grenell’s Instagram posts.

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