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Nanbaka Season 3: Release Date | Updates | Plot | Characters and Know more!! OFFICIAL CONFRMATION!!

Nanbaka Season 3

The first anime two seasons have been released with lesser time as expected by the audience. Now, Fans are waiting for Nanbaka season 3.As the days were passing the audience begun to doubt the future series of Nanbaka. This series consumed more time than the regular series. This is the perfect time to give answers about the season. Here, What you’re searching for, Read the entire article to get more information about Nanbaka season 3.

Nanbaka Launched in 2016. The second season relatively came early in 2017. However, the studio has stopped producing more episodes, and Nanbaka Season 3 has been interrupted for a long time.

Nanbaka is a series of Manga. It was an illustrated series of Japanese written by Sho Futamata adapted by Satelight. This show aired between October 5th,2016, and March 22nd,2017. The title of this show Nanbaka indicates the words of Japanese that are “Number” and baka for “Idiot” or Fool which give a hint to understand this series story.

The Second season of Nanbaka’s story ends at volume 6 of the Manga. Therefore, Nanbaka Season 3 chooses the plot of the seventh volume and also includes the eighth as well.

To know about this story of the Nanbaka series check out this plot.


Majorly Storyline, around four youngsters named Jyugo, Uno, Rock, and Nico. Those four men were assigned to Nanba, the most formidable prison in the world. Nanba is a most securable prison that no one can able escape from that prison in Japan. The story revolves around Jyugo as he tried to get out of jail but his prison term was extended due to situations. Uno, Gambling Extremist who loves women or to be with them. Rock, Who loves eating and fighting as per his role. And Nico, who addict to a former drug happens to be an Otaku. As in other prisons in Japan, prisoners were divided into their own individual groups and all prisoners were counted(Numbered-Baka). The story narrates as it follows the daily lives of guards and Inmates with their adventures inside the Prison.

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Described as the Prisoner of 1315. He was of Japanese descent and was also known for his heterochromia. Jyugo’s character is shown as hilarious, confident, and naughty, but he also gets bored quickly as per his role. He is in the soft corner for rock music and specializes in picking electronic and mechanical rock. His father also a prisoner with a 610 number. His father is known as the shame to Nanba prison.

Nanbaka Season 3


Described as the Prisoner of 1311. He is of British descent and has long blonde hair. He has an amazing sense of intuition so that he can bet where he can use his observational skills, luck, and intuition. Characterized as kind and outgoing, but he was also blunt if necessary. His allegiance to Jugo was also very strong. He has a deep hatred for Hajim, the prison guard who defeated Jugo close to his death.

Nanbaka Season 3


As he Known inmate number 1369.  He is of American descent playing Mohawk. He also wears earrings which are a long feather, and he is built to be the largest of his fellow cell-mates. Although he was played a short-tempered and abrupt guy he loves his friends and is very happy to be with them.

Nanbaka Season 3


Prisoner Number 1325, is described as a small man with green hair and tied to the right side of the body. As a child, he worked as a drug mule and escaped from prison several times.

Nanbaka Season 3

Nanbaka Season 3 Release Date

Nanbaka manga series has eight volumes. The first anime adaptation was included six of them. The rest of the two volumes was released in Japan after published Season 2 of Nanbaka. Volume 8 came out in July 2018 a year and a half ago. Since then, the creator has not published future set volumes of the manga.

At present, the chances of a revival of the anime are less. Despite its popularity, the studio which has created Nanbaka states that there might be no current plans to work on the third season. Due to high demand for this Season 3, requests from fans are constantly being ignored by the studio who makes this season originally because There are no major reasons for not doing season 3 of Nanbaka.


When Nanbaka was released, It was instantly very popular as it was described as very funny and the whole series was filled with various contents by hilarious scenes. Combined two seasons of the Nanbaka series have twenty-five episodes, Originally it has eight volumes after releasing of season 2.
It’s been three years since the second season ended, and fans are eager to know when the third season will come. Although there is no official news for the third season the rumors are growing stronger with each passing day.

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Spoilers About The Season 3

A potential spoiler about the third season is not available at this time. But, there is a rumor that it has 12 episodes in the third season. But so far nothing has been confirmed. But get in touch with us to know more about Nanbaka season 3. We will update it as soon as we get the official announcement about this series.

Season 3 Story

Mostly season 3 depends on Jyugo, Jyugo is trying to find what he does not know around him. He also analyzes the past of the ninety-nines. And there might be a chance to include a mysterious aspect called ‘Elf’ that may suddenly appear in Nanba Jail. Meanwhile, Jyugo contacts Elf as he learns of his past.

Nanbaka Season 3

On the other hand, the studio may decide to do a movie or short content with fewer episodes instead. If they do, it will be premiere as soon as possible this year. Currently, fans are looking forward to Nanbaka Season 3 by the end of 2020. However, it is always better to wait for the official announcement to reduce the conflicts.

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