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Knightfall Season 3: Cancelled or Confirmed!(Clear your Doubts!!)Release date | History |

Has the knightfall TV show been canceled or renewed for Knightfall Season 3 on history? know below: The historical drama television series Knightfall was directed by  Don Handfield and  Richard Rayne for the history channel. This show is telecasted in December 2017 in the United States. This history renewed the series for the second season in August 2019. In May 2020, it was announced that the series has been canceled. The series focuses on the fictional Templar leader Landry du Lauzon, a brave warrior discouraged in the Holy Land. Knightfall is one of the most notable projects of the history channel. This show has the background theme of medieval times and has enough drama, politics, and action to keep fans entertained.

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Popular historical series:

Knightfall has quickly become a very popular historical drama on Netflix. Both season one as well season two is now streaming on Netflix in the US. After fifteen years the crusades ended in defeat,  and a veteran knight becomes master of his order’s Paris temple and discovers a shocking secret.

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Knightfall Season 3: Release date, cast, and other details

Everyone expects a not such, of Knightfall Season 3, and the story is about, in knightfall is really a truly charming one that records a master season in western history even in the middle age occasions. The fans have been looking forward to yet another season, but we have some sad news for all of you that Knightfall Season 3 has been canceled.

Knightfall is a drama show which is based on historical fiction drama TV show and this is constituted by Don Handfield and Richard Rayner for the History channel. The first season of Knightfall was released on 6th December 2017 and season 2 was released on 25th March 2019. On 13th May 2019, the second season has its final episode.

After the 2 seasons, the show was canceled and there is no confirm date to arrive the season 3. This can be done until another platform or network finds a way to bring it back. So there is no information available for the release date of season 3 . As you know the world is full of the pandemic of coronavirus so due to the coronavirus the release date of Knightfall season 3 is a delay.

So this is bad news for fans of this series. So we should wait to know further information about the series during covid-19. We have to wait for the Knight season 4 team to announce.

Fans are wanted to see more epic, but unfortunately, Knightfall Season 3 has been canceled very few changes can happen. The bad news remains that history has officially canceled the series. The second bit of knightfall screens before 2019, yet eagerness for the Knightfall Season 3 stays very high after the last scene in season 2 leftover the story that watchers need to finish more than anything. Maybe Knightfall Season 3 can change the entire concept of the theme by making a barrier war.

Knightfall Season 3


A history Middle ages drama, knightfall tells the story of the knight templar. Mark Hamill joins the historical drama. With the downfall of the templar order, season two focuses on themes including power, revenge, family, and an epic war between church and state.

The second season of nightfall averaged a 0.13% rating in the 18-49 demographic and 652,000 viewers. Compared to season one that downs by 48% and 47% respectively. The ratings are way down but this channel has a few scripted series that still make us see the next series, it’s difficult to tell what numbers they consider to be high enough for a renewal.

The next crew will be there again to surprise the audience with their stellar performances. Their names are like-

Simon Merrells plays the role of Tancrede, Padraic Delaney in the character of Gawain, Sarah-Sofie Boussnina in the character of Adelina, Mark Hamill in the character of Talus, Tom Cullen (The Stand Season 1) in the character of Landry de Lauzon, Ed Stoppard plays the role of King Philip, Julian Ovenden in the character of William De Nogaret, Tom Forbes in the character of Prince Louise. 

Knightfall coming back in 2020?

knightfall has been canceled after two seasons. This was all about a foregone conclusion as knight falls second and final season concluded in May 2019 and there have not any updates regarding Knightfall Season 3. Is this the end for the knight templar? Has the knightfall TV show been canceled or renewed for Knightfall Season 3 on history? The thriller series knightfall will arrive soon for the fans.

Knightfall season 3:

The thriller series is flowed from the background divert and is put in 1306.This thriller series official by Don Handfield and Richard Rayner. The historical drama has been taken from Croatia and the Czech republic. The first arrival was in December 2017. Also, there have been 18 amazing episodes that are amazing to see. Although ratings are lower the eagerness of watching the next season may change the ratings also.

The audience is additionally left pondering concerning the character and the whereabouts of the Holy grail. They are currently anticipating a response to this query within the season. We will see a lot of turns in the upcoming season. There are many things in the second season which left the audience in suspense and also there are such things left unsaid. The left seems and left characters may include in the third season.

The fall of the audience since the release of season2 made it clear that the next season is going to be a difficult task to release. However, it is rumored that it will release in the mid of 2020. But as well all we know because of the pandemic, everything is in shutdown, there will be a postponed in the date of release.

Knightfall Season 3

Knightfall is a fictional drama which means some of the events in the show and some of the show’s characters are not real. However, they are based on events and crusaders from the time.

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Secret in Knightfall:

He had a secret affair with queen Joan,  his friend King philipVI of France, in which a child was produced. Once king Philip finds the secret affairs, he declared the templar order enemies of the state and ordered them to be captured or killed.

The final episode in season 1 and 2:

De Nogaret’s assassin delivers the Holy Grail to him who gifts it to King Philip. Pope Boniface becomes aware of the news and instructs Landry to lead his Knights Templar back to Paris to get back. However, King Philip, being advised by de Nogaret, sends mercenaries to intercept and kill them on their way. They plan to do this outside of the city so that they might give the Templars a grand Christian funeral in Paris for further involvement.

They escape to the Paris Temple where they find Lydia, who offers them shelter in her house as the royal forces. Philip, angry at de Nogaret for failing to capture Landry, beats him severely. Anne and Tancrede,  are killed from crossbow fire by the king’s men before they can reach the dock. Landry re-enters the palace alone to kill King Philip for attempting to murder his daughter.  After a brief brutal swordfight, Landry says Philip that God has forsaken him, and kills him.

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The thriller series turned out to be well known with its first two seasons among the audience. Recording and script creation may get deferred since there is a pandemic like this. Season three will soon arrive for the fans in late 2021.

There have not been any updates on knightfall season 3. This made the cancellation official, according to the deadline. But there is still some hope regarding the renewal of the show.

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