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Hotel Del Luna Season 2: (Cancelled or Not?) | Release Date | Cast | Plot

Hey, welcome to our article. Here we are talking about an amazing series ‘Hotel Del Luna Season 2’. Here is all the news about Hotel Del Luna Season 2. This is a very famous series. So what is the release date of this amazing series? When this amazing series is going to be released? What is the cast of this series? and also what is the plot of Hotel Del Luna Season 2. Everything about Hotel Del Luna Season 2 is in this article which you need to know. Scroll below and read our article.

Hotel Del Luna Season 2

After the hit of the drama, “Hotel del Luna” and the love for the show after the first season of the drama. It is most likely that the audience is eagerly waiting for a new season of the show. Besides that, if you want to know that the makers of the Drama are in a will or not, to bring back a new season of Hotel del Luna. If you are waiting for Hotel del Luna season 2 and want to know every explicit detail about it then stay hooked with this article because we have mentioned every detail we have regarding Hotel del Luna season 2.

HOTEL DEL LUNA is a 2019 Korean Drama. It does not have a defined Genre but it can be put into a Romantic drama with a pinch of darkish myth. This impeccable drama was written by Hong’s sisters, Hong Jung-Eun and Hong Miran. The brilliant direction of the show was done by Oh Choong Hwan under the creation of Studio Dragon. Hotel del Luna perhaps is the most liked drama of Korea. The show was the twelfth most rated drama among other Korean dramas.

Release date 

Hotel del Luna is a romantic comedy-drama launched on 13 July 2019. After telecasting all its sixteen episodes, Hotel del Luna ended on 1 September 2019. The show was aired on TVN and became the most famous drama on that channel. There are few hopes that we will get to see Hotel Del Luna Season 2 because of its popularity. However, it is quite unusual for a Korean drama to have a sequel and if the makers are interested only one or two sequels are made. As Hotel del Luna only has one part there are chances that makers will bring Hotel Del Luna Season 2 of the show.

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Theatrical Remake: Hotel del Luna

It must be an exciting surprise for the fans of Hotel del Luna that the sport Donga Musical/concert/theater company, show play will be adding a theatrical version to the 2019 Korean Drama. To give a different experience to the audience compared to a small screen, a new image of the show will likely be added to the OG story. This information was revealed by the publication itself.

The publication also revealed that the leading character, Kang Mal Wol ( played by Yeo Jin Goo), is going to be in the lead role. The play, similar to the drama, is going to be more about fateful encounters and romance. 

It is said that the musical is expected to provide freshness and fun to the audience with stories that add new creativity to the original story. As informed by the publication the play will premiere in 2022. However, the publication hasn’t revealed the actors who will play the role in the theatrical version of the Korean drama. 


 Hotel del Luna Season 2 

If Hotel Del Luna Season 2 came, there are few new faces expected to see in the show. According to the information received, Kim Soo Hyun in the new season will become the original owner of the place. He will be the main character of the upcoming series.

It is also expected that a new guest will also arrive in the next season and Yoo Jin-goo will play the role of the guest. The K-pop idols will also be expected in the new season along with many other exciting aspects.

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In the Hotel Del Luna Season 2, characters will be played as –

  • Lee Ji-Eun will Play Jang Man-wol 
  • Kim Gyu-Ri will be seen as young Man-wol
  • Yeo Jin-goo will play Gu Chan-Sunga
  • Kim Kang-hoon as young chan-sung 
  • Bae Hae-sun will play Choi Seo-hee
  • Shin Jung-Geun play the role of Kim Seon-bi 
  • Pyo Ji-hoon will be seen as Ji Hyun-Joong among others.


Plot: Hotel Del Luna Season 2

The plot of Hotel Del Luna Season 2 will go to be existing if we considered the information given. The Mogo the God in different forms makes Kim Soo-Hyun the new owner of the hotel. There are also rumors that the hotel’s name would be changed from Hotel del Luna to Hotel Blue Moon.

This Hotel Del Luna Season 2 gave us a chance to know more about Kim Soo-Hyun, we will positively expecting to know how he ends up in this ghost house in Hotel Del Luna Season 2, hopefully.

Hotel Del Luna Season 2: storyline

The story is about a hotel, Hotel del Luna, and the guest staying in that hotel. The hotel is not for humans but for the dead people who have some unfinished business for their afterlife. In short, the hotel is a guest house of the Moon.

The owner of the hotel (Jang Man-Wol) is stuck in Hotel del Luna because of some immense resentment in the world has her soul in a tree without liveliness. All the people are ghosts in the hotel except the manager.

The last manager (Gu chang sang) of the hotel changes the fate of Man-Wol and falls in love with her.

His mission after becoming familiar with her (Man-Wol) Mystery and secret, were to send a long-time first guest and Man-Wol to the afterlife without any resentment.

He however after doing all he can, was successful to send her and all the guests to their afterlife. But the show ends with mixed emotions of sadness and happiness as Man-Wol and Chang Sung get Separated. However, it ends with a sweet note, that the two will be together in another life.

This is the story of a Hotel called after a person. So we can tell that Lee Ji Eun is the boss of this Hotel and also Yeo Jin Goo is a supervisor of this lodge. Here is a very interesting thing the manager and hotel owner started having very romantic affairs.

However, In this lodge, they must be going to attend only to ghosts. In this show, the primary season is we were given the cameo of Kim Soo Hyun whereinto he just said that some words, however, some were whose substantial to explain that the theme of this drama and he said that “The moon has risen, let us open up the business”.

when we can’t find Season 2 it is almost like we don’t have a season plot.

The show was loved for its storyline and the new season of the show is also expected with a great storyline. However, we don’t have the access to the trailer.

We are just hoping that the makers of the Korean drama soon share the new trailer for Hotel Del Luna Season 2. However, fans are waiting eagerly we have to wait a bit further until something gets announced. We at least have some good news regarding the theatrical version of the show.

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