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High school of the dead Season 2 Release date Revealed!? CONFIRMED? | Storyline | Cast | Trailer | Release date

High school of the dead season 2

Kon’nichiwa (Hello)!

High school of the dead season 2 will be released? When it will be released? Where can I watch High school of the dead season 2 and its previous episodes? There are lots of questions like this and people are not able to find their answers but you do not have to worry anymore as all the queries will be cleared in this article.

About the show –

Let’s first talk about the show! Highschool of the dead is a supernatural thriller, full of action and horror series. This popular Manga (light novel) was written by ‘Daisuke Sato’,
illustrated by ‘Shoji Sato’, which was then published by ‘Fujimi Shobo’.

‘High School of the Dead,’ is also known as ‘Apocalyptic Academy: High School of the Dead,. This is an amazing and very popular anime series. This amazing series is based on the Manga which name is the same. High School of the Dead is a Japanese Horror Anime series. This series is illustrated by Shoji Sato and the creator of this amazing series is b Daisuke Sato. The anime was published in Fuji Shobo’s Monthly Dragon Age from 2006 September to 2013 May. But Daisuke Sato passed away in 2017, due to which the work was not completely finished. Seven Tankobon volumes were published in Japan from March 2007 to April 2011 by Fuji Shobo and Kadokawa Shoten.

It was graded in monthly Dragon Age from September 2006 to May 2013 only, as the writer of the series was dead in March 2017. He wrote 7 volumes of the series which are known as  ‘Tonkobon volume’ which was published by ‘Fujimi Shobo’ and ‘Kadokawa’ from March 2007 to April 2011 in Japan.

High school of the dead is a popular anime that has been airing for a few seasons. It’s about zombies, and how they take over Japan. The plot follows students from high school who have to survive against these creatures. As you watch the show it becomes clear that not all teenagers are able to fight off these zombies; some don’t have any fighting skills at all.

This series was also released in North America by the ‘Yen press’. This anime TV series was directed by ‘Testuro Araki’, produced by ‘Mitsutoshi Ogura’, beautifully written by ‘Yosuke Kuroda’ and the music was given by ‘Takafumi Wada’ in the madhouse studio. This series aired on AT- X network which broadcasts on ‘Tokyo MX’, ‘TV Aichin’, ‘TV Kanagawa, ‘Chiba TV’, ‘KBS Kyoto’, ‘TV Saitama’ and ‘Sun TV’.

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Storyline :

The story begins as the world walloped by a lethal rampant which basically transforms humans into ghastly zombies called ‘Yatsu-ra’. The entire story revolves around a batch of high school students and a nurse of the same school, how they strive harder to survive against this apocalyptic situation. Not only this outbreak but they also faced societal collapse as menacing co-survivors.

The story starts from the high school from where students run towards the town where they encounter an unscrupulous teacher and some other students. Then, they went to their homes in case they could find other survivors and were successful in finding a little girl and a street dog.

The elementary school was apparently a safer place to stay to reach there eventually they went to the police station and then stopped in a mall.

High school of the dead season 2

The characters of High school of the dead season 2:

If they will not be changing the characters, you’ll see the following main characters in the High school of the dead season 2

  • Takashi Komuro – He is a second-year student of ‘Fujimi High School’. He is 17 years old male protagonist of the series. He made a promise to Rei, his childhood friend that they will get married one day but due to his vacillating nature she started dating her friend ‘Hisashi’.  Takashi is not good at studies that is why he had to repeat a grade also.
  • Rei Miyamoto – She is also a second-year student of ‘Fujimi High School’. She has reddish-brown eyes and orange-brown hair color. Takashi killed his boyfriend Hisashi after he became a zombie which made her upset but at that moment only everything was resolved and they started dating each other.
  • Saya Takagi – A second-year student at ‘Fujimi High School’ with pink hair tied into two ponytails. She is a genius as she used her deductive skills to help the batch of students to get out of danger. She was the only one who found out that the Zombies are attracted to any kind of sound. On the other hand, she is the daughter of a politician which she doesn’t like much. She takes care of Alice as her younger sister and asks her to call her Sama.
  • Alice M – She is a 7 years old little girl whose father was killed by people of household and they refused to allow them to provide shelter, also her name is Arisu in the English dub of the series.
  • Shizuka Marikawa She is 27 years old nurse at ‘Fujimi High School’. She is a good friend of Rika in whose house this batch of students stays after they leave high school. She is the only adult in the group she drives the bus and also Rika’s military Humvee. She is fragile in nature and unveils the fact that she works as a temporary nurse to Takashi and she is still taking the training and studying
  • Saeko Busmm – She is a 3rd-year student at ‘Fujimi High School’. She has blue eyes and violet hair. She is a calm and sorted out girl also the president of Kendo Club of ‘Fujimi High School’. People usually rag her by saying that killing people is her natural behavior and she is none other than a zombie due to which she loses her confidence but Takashi helps her to rebuild it

High school of the dead season 2

  • Kohta Hirano – He is just a fat boy who wears specs but unlike his personality is a gun enthusiast, he basically got trained in Delta Force in America. He had a secret crush on Saya but later in the story, she met Asami Nakaoka and fell in love with her but unfortunately, he had to kill her as she was attacked by one of these zombies to save a boy.

The Trailer of High school of the dead season 2:

As there are no official announcements regarding High school of the dead season 2 by the team so we have to wait for this and if you want to catch out the previous trailer or all the episodes of season -1 then go and watch it on ‘Netflix’

High school of the dead season 2

High school of the dead season 2 Release Date:

The series became a super hit when it was first aired, everyone just loved it completely but as I mentioned before also, the writer passed away in the year 2017 so the chances of the making of High school of the dead season 2 are very less.

But if there will be a new writer,  we can hope for the High school of the dead season 2. According to a rumor of bird, High school of the dead season 2 will be released at the end of 2021 or anytime in 2022 but only if there is a new writer.

The other major issue right now is the COVID-19 virus so let’s hope that it will come out as soon as possible is if everything is fine!

Conclusion paragraph:

It doesn’t seem like there will be a High school of the dead season 2 anytime soon, but if we do get one it will most likely happen at the end of 2021 or sometime in 2022. If you want to know more about what could possibly come next for this series, stay tuned and check back here for updates on any new developments!

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