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Tsurezure children season 2 Releasing again!! Know all the low-downs | About the show | Cast | Expectations | Release Date

Kon’nichiwa (Hello)!

‘Tsurezure children’ is an anime adapted Japanese manga series which has won multiple hearts and naturally, fans are wondering when they will be making “Tsurezure children Season 2″…

Here’s everything you need want to know about the renewal status and all the details about the show, so keep reading the post till the end!

In the last decade, Tsurezure Children was one of the best comedy series. Regardless of this, the fans of this anime series never got to see Tsurejure Children Season 2. It’s been more than three years now, and fans of the series are still waiting for its season 2.

The ending of the first installment is making the audience even more impatient for the next one. Will there be a second season of the ever-popular Tsurezure Children anime? To know read our complete article below.

About the show :

‘Tsurezure children’ is a rom-com anime show based on Japanese 4 panel manga series which was transferred to ‘Weekly Shonen Magazine’ started on April 15, 2015. The series ended on July 11, 2018, and has been collected into 12 ‘tankobon volumes’. Later, in Feb 2017, it was announced that this admired manga series will be adapted into a TV anime series that premiered on ‘Tokyo MX’, ‘Sun TV’ and ‘B311’ from July 4, 2017, to Sept 19, 2017.

‘Tsurezure children’ was written and illustrated by ‘Toshiya Wakabayashi’ and directed by ‘Hiraku Kaneko’, the amazing script was written by “Tatsuhiko Urahata” with his companion “Deborah Crane”. The magnificent and fascinating characters which you adore the most were designed by “Etsuko Sumimoto”.

The first season’s opening (OP) theme song was ‘Aimai Mok’ as performed by “Inori Minase” while the ending (ED) theme song music was ‘Dear’ as performed by “Yui Ogura”. The opening and ending songs of ‘Tsurezure children season 2″ have not yet been announced.

Tsurezure children season 2

The cast of ‘Tsurezure children’ :

  • ‘Haruhiko Takase’ – He is a 2nd-year student and a Soccer Club member.
  • ‘Saki Kanda’ – She is also a 2nd-year student and a Soft Tennis Club member.

Haruhiko Takase and Saki Kanda are in love with each other.

  • ‘Masafumi Akagi’ – He is a school Council president.
  • ‘Ryoko Kaji’ – She is a gorgeous girl who smokes almost all the time.

Masafumi and Ryoko are secretly in love with each other.

  • ‘Yuki Kaga’ and ‘Ryoko Kaji’ – They both are first-year students and they have started falling in love with each other.
  • ‘Matsuura Ayane’ – She is the Vice President of the drama club, she always tries to help her juniors in school, especially the giddy ‘Urara’ who fails at acting in the Drama Club.

‘Tsurezure children season 2’ has the same cast and we will see their love stories burgeoning further but you may find a lot of other characters which were not introduced in the first season of ‘Tsurezure children’.

What to expect from ‘Tsurezure children season-2’ :

Episodes of the first season of ‘Tsurezure children didn’t show many of the great characters and couples, this manga series has 12 volumes but its anime adaptation doesn’t involve all these volumes and showed approximately 1/4 of the entire manga only hence it has a lot more stuff to show to you which you might be able to see in the ‘Tsurezure children season 2″.

‘Tsurezure children season 2’ will surely make your heart skip a beat! Also, it will bring high-notch romantic drama with a pinch of comedy!

Tsurezure children season 2


Now, I’m gonna talk about a few more charactthathich are completely new for all those people who have only seen the First Season of the ‘Tsurezure children’ manga series rather than reading it! So let’s get started!

  1. ‘Alice Himemiya‘- She is a school cooking club member who is so caring as well as loving. She is basically competing as a loving adversary with ‘Saki Kanda’ for her crush ‘Haruhiko Takase ‘.
  2. Onizuka Kimihito‘ – He is an introverted type of person who wants to be a rapper but due to his personality, keeps it a secret from everyone else.
  3. ‘Sawa Yamada’ – She is an extroverted girl who catches Kimihito creating rap and then she becomes his number one fan.
  4. ‘Enomoto’ – She used to live outside the city area before transferring into Moto Yama’s class. She is an extrovert who meets with a boy who is opposite of her, i.e., he has difficulty talking with girls. But ultimately, they became friends after that boy helped her.
  5. ‘Patricia (Patty)’ – She is an American girl who occasionally misunderstands Japanese culture. She has been seen in previous episodes but her relationship with ‘Keisuke’ has just begun to form which may grow further in this ‘Tsurezure children season 2’.
  6. ‘Ogiue’ – She believes that ‘Tojo Mai’ doesn’t like him in fact, hates him because she always behaves quite weirdly like screaming and getting upset every time but the reality is that she is smitten by the boy completely and blushes when she is near him.
  7. ‘Souma Chihiro’ – He is a student in class 1-3 in the karate club with an older girl ‘Saejima’ (class – 3-5) and they too are dating which started with a misunderstanding!Tsurezure children season 2
  8. ‘Erika Shibasaki’ – She is a Tea Ceremony Club President who acts fastidiously all the time but behind closed doors, she wants to be a rock band guitarist. Like Souma Chihiro and Seajima’s starting, she begins to have tension with rock band leader Ubukata.
  9. ‘Nashimoto Yukari’ – She is a foodie who loves to eat a lot but on the other hand, she is also self-conscious about gaining more weight.
  10. ‘Sunagawa Yoshiharu and Toda Fuyumi’ – This couple is the weirdest one! They both have problems with their facial expressions and always speak in a monotonous way.

The trailer of ‘Tsurezure children season 2’ :

There is no official announcement regarding ‘Tsurezure children season 2’ but once it’s done, then you will be able to see the trailer on ‘Netflix’, ‘Crunchyroll’ and ‘Funimation’ platforms.

Release Date :

Once, the writer and creator of ‘Tsurezure children”, ‘Toshiya Wakabayashi’ tweeted on his Twitter account that many English-speaking fans are asking about ‘Tsurezure children season 2’ but there is almost no possibility but maybe one day!

According to the reports, it might be getting delayed because of the Covid-19 around the world that has brought almost everything to a halt! Also, according to the rumor bird, ‘Tsurezure children season 2″ is on the cards and may arrive within the next 1 or 2 years.   Unfortunately, we don’t have any other option rather than waiting and hoping so, let’s hope for the best!

Keep an eye out for our page as we will keep updating you regarding any other information of ‘Tsurezure children season 2’ or its official announcements.

Until then, Sayonara!

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Tsurezure children season 2 Releasing again!! Know all the low-downs | About the show | Cast | Expectations | Release Date
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