Best Play Kitchen 2016: The most creative way to gift your child BUY THE BEST!!!!

Contents Best Play Kitchen 20161. Pottery barn kids retro kitchen collection :2. Ikea Duktig plays kitchen:3. Hearth and hand play kitchen set :4. Hape playfully delicious cook n’ serve kitchen :5. Handmade Waldorf wooden kitchen …

Best Play Kitchen 2016

A play kitchen is the most adorable toy you can gift your child. Play kitchens are the best for your baby. It is creative and encourages the creative thinking capacity of your child. It also develops the language and conversing skills of your child. Children will love to play with kitchen sets and they will play with them for years and years.

The play kitchen is a hub of creativity which gives the children a lot of tools or we can also call it utensils to expand their imaginations, boost vocabulary, work on cooperation and develop their fine motor skills. The little cook will be busy playing the role they see you doing in the kitchen, even if it’s picking up the phone and sometimes ordering takeout.

For kids, this is a very amazing toy. With this play kitchen, they get to learn a lot of things. Just like little chefs will watch you cook in the kitchen, they will do the same. They will learn a lot from this and they will be entertained too.

The craziness towards the play kitchen set never fades off from the heart of a girl. There the very word ” play kitchen set” takes me back to my childhood and brings a flash of nostalgia. Buying your kid a Kitchen set will get them busy and playing. Many kitchen sets are available in the market. But in this article, we bring you a list of Best Play Kitchen 2016. Play kitchens made of wood that are eco-friendly and safe for kids are available. Different types of Best Play Kitchen 2016 with various parts are given below.

1. Pottery barn kids retro kitchen collection :

This pottery barn kids retro kitchen collection is definitely the best play kitchen 2016. It has a cool design with a retro touch. Knobs present in this kitchen set can be turned which is very realistic. This is not particular for kids. Even If you don’t have kids, you will fall in love with this play kitchen set. The knobs click when you turn them on, the sink can hold water and the functioning timer is absolutely a perk. This set comes in many colors like red, white pink, and grey. The price of this kitchen set is $700. It has three pieces. This play kitchen set is a little big and if you don’t like to have a large play kitchen there is another option for you. The All in 1 retro kitchen is smaller than this set and also less expensive. This play kitchen is also very cute and cozy like the former.

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2. Ikea Duktig plays kitchen:

This kitchen set is small and simple. It will fit anywhere in your home. This is the best play kitchen in 2016 and is famous in Europe. This play kitchen has amazing features and it is a little expensive than many other play kitchen sets available but is the Best Play Kitchen 2016

. Though this is cute and handy this does not come with accessories which is a drawback.  The oven in this play kitchen opens from the side and not the top which is a little unrealistic.

3. Hearth and hand play kitchen set :

This kitchen set has cute accessories matching the refrigerator and is Best Play Kitchen 2016. This is the number one choice of many parents and also children. The assembling of this kitchen set is a little complicated. Besides the negativity, this play kitchen is, without a doubt, going to be the favorite of your child.

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4. Hape playfully delicious cook n’ serve kitchen :

This is one of the best play kitchens in 2016. This play kitchen set is small, simple and the price is very reasonable. It has a little chalkboard to write the menu or let people know whether it is open or closed. Hape is a famous brand for playthings and toys. They manufacture toys of good quality and designs. Hape has a sociable and ecological concern. They make products that are non-toxic and eco-friendly. They finish their products with love and keeping the safety of children in mind.

5. Handmade Waldorf wooden kitchen :


This is a high-quality kitchen set made with wood. As the material is wood this play kitchen is expensive compared to other play kitchens. Even though it is expensive it is worth the money. These play kitchens are made in the USA. This gorgeous play kitchen is definitely the best in 2016.  It is made with high-quality hardwoods such as Pine, Birch, Maple, Walnut, Oak, and Cherry, and finished with natural stains and oils. These play kitchens from Waldorf and many other Waldorf kitchen sets can be found online on Etsy.

6. Kidkraft vintage kitchen:


A lot of people trust this kid Kraft vintage kitchen for their children. It is a lot like the pottery kitchen set but it is less expensive. This comes in an all-in-one design. The phone, ice maker, and microwave are the best parts of this play kitchen. It comes in many colors but the white one is loved by many. This super cool play kitchen comes with a vintage touch. This play kitchen set comes in pieces while buying and you have to assemble it. The assembling process is long. But the process can keep your kids entertained and curious for some time.

7. Grand walk-in kitchen:


This is the best choice for a play kitchen. The model is super cool. It comes with all the essential accessories needed for a kitchen. This play kitchen has an oven,  a stove,  grill,  fridge, microwave, and a set containing 103 items like pots, pans, spoons, utensils, and food items. It also has a lavish dining area and big storage space. This play kitchen is large and spacious. More than two kids can play with this kitchen set. They can freely move in and out of this play kitchen. The floor is made with oak hardwood and everything else in this set is made of plastic. This is expensive but worth it. This is definitely a best play kitchen 2016.

Play kitchens are the best options to gift your little ones on their birthday or any holidays. All the play kitchens mentioned above are specifically designed for younger minds who are curious to cook and bake. Many of the play kitchens are made with eco-friendly wood material, which is good for the environment and your children. Different types of play kitchens are available at various prices. So,  what are you waiting for choose one of these best play kitchens for 2016 and surprise your young chefs? But always keep the age of your child and the space available in your home in consideration. These play kitchen sets are amazing and the money spent to buy one of these is never wasted.

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Do you or your children have a play kitchen?  Which one is your favorite from this list of Best Play Kitchen 2016? Do you want more last like the list of Best Play Kitchen 2016? Let us know in the comments.

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