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What is a gravity knife? Uses | How does it Work? | Types | CHECK OUT!!!

What is a gravity knife?

What is a gravity knife

What is a gravity knife? A gravity knife is a small knife. It is a tool with a blade folded in the handle. This blade is released due to hand movements and gravitational force. It is specially designed to use a knife with a single hand.  When the other hand is busy this knife can be used with just one hand. Though it has been five decades since the invention of the gravity knife, many people are not aware of this amazing tool.

A gravity knife is not a normal knife, it is a small tool and has a folded blade in the handle. It is a knife that is released due to the force of the hand as well as the force of gravity. This knife opens with one hand. When one of your hands is busy, you can open this knife with one hand only by flipping it with the wrist.

It has been five decades since the Gravity knife came. Nevertheless, it is a control-domination subject in the knife world. This a common tool that many tradesmen use almost daily ranking authority for carpenters from dock laborers. Here is everything to know about Gravity knife and you can buy gravity knives from here.

The question What is a gravity knife is a controversial topic. It is commonly used by many tradesmen. Some people like dock labor to carpenters use this Knife daily. But this knife has been in controversies of legal rules and regulations. This knife has been banned in the past. People with this knife were arrested during the time it was banned. But, now it is official to use and keep this knife and it is legal to keep this knife. Know more about What is a gravity knife? below:

History of Gravity knife :

This gravity knife was designed first to be used by paratroopers and crew members of airplanes. They used this knife to free them from the parachute that got tangled on trees during the time of landing. It was made in a way to open it one-handed. This knife originated in Germany and was used during the time of World War II. This was a result of German paratroopers getting tangled in trees during the time of landing. The knives used by them during that time can be opened only by using two hands. This made the situation tough for the soldiers and increased the risk of getting caught by the allied forces. So, the knife which can be easily opened with only one hand which is a gravity knife was invented. Later, this knife was accessed by the Soldiers of the United States and the United Kingdom by grabbing them from the captured soldiers of German force. They turned the term gravity knife.

What is a gravity knife and how does it work?

It works based on the principles of inertia and the gravitational force to release the folded blade. This does not have a spring mechanism. It is small enough to fit inside a pocket with a zipper. The blade simply comes out when the knife points downward. The lever keeps the blade in position when not in use. You can flip it to close the open blade. It can be used just with one hand.

What is a gravity knife

Types of Gravity knife :

There are two types of gravity knives. They are given below,

1. Standard: It looks like a common folded knife. But a hinge is present on one side. It can be opened by pressing the lever on the side and flipping the wrist in a rear-handed manner. This lever secures the blade. The inertia of the flick caused externally will lead the blade to come out and the lever will keep it in the open position.

2. Out the front: The blade withdraws in this design in the hilt. Pulling the lever causes the hilt to come forward. It is made to glide out safely.

Besides these two types, few other types are also to be considered. With the fame attained by the German gravity knife, the English version of this was designed. It was designed to be used as a secondary combat weapon. This is also like the German knife but, the handle is made with wooden or plastic material. A butterfly knife is different from what is a gravity knife in that it works based on the movement of the hand and not the gravitational force. An example of the Gravity knife of this time is the Paragon warlock.

What is a gravity knife? Its Counterparts :

Switchblades and gravity knives are much similar. Some people think the switchblade and gravity knives are the same but they are however different. Both the knives have the blade inserted into the handle. The opening mechanism is also different. Gravity knives have a Lockey lever and open only due to gravity. But the other knives work with a spring mechanism. Switchblades are automatic not like the gravity knife. Some latest folding knives come with a pin close to the folded blade’s side. This pin has to be flicked to open this. A gravity knife is most liked by the users than the other knives.

What is a gravity knife

Where can you buy it :

You can buy the gravity knives produced by paragon and AKC on Blade HQ and Viper tech.

Uses of Gravity knives :

Like it was discussed earlier, gravity knives are used by paratroopers to release themselves from the tangled parachute ropes. Though they are not designed for fighting they are also used for combats. They also have additional accessories like an awl and a marlinespike. The Marline spike is used in marine ropeworks to disentangle the knots. Similarly, the awl is useful for prying open, piercing, and fixing blocked weapons. All these additional accessories are kept folded.

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What is a gravity knife? Are they legal?

This knife was once banned and the users with this knife were arrested once. But, in May 2019 this knife was made legal and now you can carry this knife anywhere without fear of being arrested. But this knife is still prohibited in subways. But switchblades and gravity knives are not legal in many states in the USA. This means that the law for this knife changes accordingly from one state to another.

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Does this article discuss the basic questions that arise regarding the gravity knife-like What is a gravity knife? And how it is used?. The gravity knife is used for using it with a single hand. The gravity knife is very famous among people working in trade and also involved in normal chores. This knife is allowed in New York City but banned in many other states of the United States of America. So, it is very much recommended to check the law of your state before buying, carrying, or using a gravity knife.

Do you plan on buying a gravity knife? What is the most attractive feature of the gravity knife? Share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you like our article of What is a gravity knife? Do you want more articles like this article on What is a gravity knife? Do comment below:

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