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Scarlet Heart Ryeo Season 2: (Connection of Love beyond limits and time)| Release date out?

Scarlet Heart Ryeo Season 2 (Connection of Love beyond limits and time)

Scarlet Heart Ryeo Season 2 is one of the best movies that gain a lot of success in this field so that you need to know that in this interesting conversation, Lee Joon was going to read a question which is sent by one of his fans and is based on Moon Lovers.

Goryeo Season 2 is one of the shows who was very close to Scarlet Heart and also going to launch this fantastic movie we see that a former going to mention that a section of fans has been saying about their series and also it was hoping it. IU response to this question as she ‘definitely doesn’t mind filming a second season. and also the reason is revealing ‘she had a great time acting in the K-drama’.

Another blockbuster is on the way. One of the famous Korean Drama Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Season 2 is set to be launched this upcoming year that was based on a Chinese novel ‘Bu Bu jing Xin’. It is directed by Kim kya tae, created by Tong Hua and the writer of this whole series is Jo Yoon- Young. Its 1 part was released on 29 august which was heartedly welcomed by all Korean fans. They loved the series and makes it a super-duper hit and now they are still waiting for Scarlet Heart Ryeo Season 2.

Scarlet heart ryeo bagged two awards in their count that were the best ensemble and best historical. This Korean drama is completely different from other historical romance dramas based on historical romance. This series was loved by their fans in comparison to other series. In all the romantic series or drama at the end, we expected a happy and lovable ending but, in this series, we have seen a complex and completely curious end of scarlet heart you

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Story Highlights of Scarlet Heart Ryeo Season 2 and cast team

this scarlet heart ryeo is the story of a woman who lives in the 21st century but by some means, she faced time travel and, she reached in past. the lady who faced this time travel name is Go ha-jin and, she traveled to Goreyo Era and fell insensible. when she came to her senses. She realized that she has the body of 16 years, Hae Soo. Hae Soo is the cousin of the Goryeo era who is the 8th prince, as a wife of Wang Wook. She was very happy at that time feeling, very delightful

the story continues here She was accepting all the changes held in her life but after some time she felt that She is in love with handsome prince Wang Wook who was very kind-hearted and benign. Both of the kings are opposite each other. On the one side, King wang Wook is famous for his gentleness on the other, side King wang so is famous for his rude nature 

Now the things starting to change the Life of Hae change into sorrowful life. she realized that she was just a little close to dying. Hae Soo loved so much King Wang But now she desires to left this palace. The only way she found that she has to marry King Wang Jeong, whereas King wang so wants to know about the life of He soo so he appoints a secret agent to found about Hae’s life but he was completely unknown about that Hae soo was spending her life very happily and she was expecting a baby. with her baby she was losing her health day by day in her last moments she told wang Jeong to send her message to Wang so. So that she can explain her thought her feelings to him And she also ask a promise that her child never goes close to Wang So and after she passed away. king Wang so comes to know that she never cheated on him and about all the truth of her facts after reading all her letters. when she died in the Goryeo era, she came back to her original life as Go Ha-jin and forgets everything she did in her past life but as time is passing by Scarlet Heart Ryeo Season 2

she memorizes everything.

Go Ha jin find out that before her time-travel, King was famous for his cruel nature, and after her time travel, she came to know that he was changed and known for his benign nature.

here this story ends with a genre of romantic drama.

  • Li Ji-Eun

She is the main lead of the show. Li Ji-Eun acts in the main role of Go Ha-jin.

  • Lee Joon Gi

He acts as a cruel king for whom the Hae soo had fallen in love.

  • Kang Ha-neul

He performs the role of 8th prince of the Goreyo Empire.

  • Hong Jong-Hyun

He played the face of the 3rd prince of Wang Yo and in this character was hungry for power.

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Supporting Characters

Kin San-ho plays the role of crown prince Wang Mu.

Yoon Sun-woo Plays the role of 9th prince Wang Won.

Byun Baek-Hyun Plays the 10th prince Wang Eun.

Naam Joo-hyuk Plays as the 13th prince Baek-ah.

JI Soo plays the role of the 14th prince Wang Jung.

Releasing Date: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Season 2

Scarlet heart Ryeo Had a huge fanbase all over India and, all fans are eagerly waiting for a new part of SBS. all network is searching for the clue of its second season. Some true heart Fans have even sent notes to Sbs For Scarlet Heart Ryeo Season 2. SBS even advised also to have the whole team in Scarlet Heart Ryeo Season 2. 

Now finally, Scarlet Heart Ryeo Season 2 is set to be released. The main reason for its late launch is the low television rating in Korea. from all this reading we can consider that not all shows have a happy and lovable ending. fans have to deal and adjust with its sorrowful end. It is getting delayed because of Covid-19 also this pandemic stops all the dramas and series. 

This news is coming now after this pandemic, This whole series is set to be released after, this pandemic. we are trying our best to provide you the best information regarding this show and, if we found any updates, we will keep you updated from time to time. we all have lots of expectations from this upcoming series. Because we all know that the previous season is a super-duper hit. so fans have very high expectations from Scarlet Heart Ryeo Season 2. Now it will be more exciting to see the story of Scarlet Heart Ryeo Season 2 whether the coming season can fulfill the hopes of fans or we will receive a disappointment.