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Hospital Playlist Season 2 :CONFIRMED Release Date, Get Leaks!! | Plot | Cast

Hospital Playlist Season 2 is going to release soon know the details below: Hospital Playlist is a  South-Korean Television series was written by Lee Woo-Jung and was directed by ShinWon-Ho.This series is the second installment of the Wise Life Series, following by the Prison playbook on (2017-2018). The star of the series is Jo Jung-Suk, Yoo Yeon-Seok, Jung Kyung-ho, Kim Dae-Myung, and  Jeon Mi-Do. This series is created by Lee Myung-Han. The soundtrack of the series was produced by Joo-hee and has published by the studio Museum C, Egg is coming and stone music. There is totally one season with 12 episodes. Hospital Playlist season one was released in March 2020.

In January 2019, it was reported that Shin Won-ho have to direct a medical series and the production team was in the early stage of casting the actors. It takes four years to complete the series to write. The screenwriter as well the director has previously worked together on the Reply anthology series on 2012-2016 as well as the hit black comedy series, prison playbook.

In accordance, with the 52 hours week system and to avoid the extra time of taking the film with regards to cast and the crew’s health, the production team decided to take the episodes a week for a total of twelve weeks instead of taking two episodes a week for eight weeks as it usually the cast of the South Korean drama. The series is very famous among the youths. And I know fans are always excited to know about the star cast.

Hospital Playlist Season 2

The music of the series was well-received by the listeners of all aged peoples, as its remark of the popular 90s hits. Some of the soundtracks were received awards and were also nominated. This story tells about the Doctor and nurses working at Yulje Medical center. It mainly focuses on the top five characters who have been friends, since they entered medical school in 1999.

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The Photography for the Hospital playlist season one starts in October 2019. some scenes have taken place in Gangwoon University hospital, and Julie medical center was respectively taken in Hallym University Dongtan Sacred Heart hospital. Though the scenes of the Hospital playlist were filmed onset due to the pandemic situation COVID-19. Filmed for the first season was completed in April 2020. The schedule was totally changed due to the pandemic situation whereas, season second has to be started on December 2020, but was postponed to January 2021.

Release date of Hospital Playlist Season 2confirmed and scheduled:

The series was broadcast in April 2021. The super-hit Korean drama was sensational on Netflix, and all the fans of the Hospital playlist were waited calmly for the Hospital Playlist Season 2 to release. This means we can expect to see Hospital Playlist Season 2 soon on Netflix. All the fans are super excited about the new release. Hospital playlist is a licensed Korean drama on Netflix.After a run of the 12 episodes. The series has become the highest-rated television series in national history.

The director of the Hospital playlist was the most popular in Korean drama series of the past decades. So, most of the fans were delighted that he was returning to form by filming Hospital Playlist Season 2. The Hospital Playlist Season 2 was not the decision of Netflix, but its broadcaster tvn, before the release of the Hospital playlist the second season. This series will appear on the Korean drama fans’ sites.

Among the fans, the series has received very well reviews. If the decision would be taken by Netflix, you can guarantee that they have wanted the series renewed. At the time, of writing the final episode of the Hospital playlist it becomes the highest rating. The total ratings are 7.3 million, of the South Korean population. Where the news that the Hospital playlist would return for the second season, news has been very scarce since. The hospital playlist is expected to return for the broadcast in South Korea in April 2021.

Season one’s short story:

In 2020, the Hospital playlist is one of the hit-Korean drama series. The hospital playlist follows the story of the five friends who have been friends from the date they joined the Medical school. A happy end to the season that saw Jung Won finally made a decision that to set back in the hospital, and in the process reciprocated the feelings of Dr. Gyeo Wool, he finally confirmed her love to him. May the next is about the development of the relationship. The super hit series hit the 9th rank in the Korean drama ever made in history.

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Reviews of the fans:

The biggest question raised in all the minds of the fans is whether Lee Ik Jun and Chae’s song hwa will finally become an item or not? There is a lot of romance, drama and troubles are waiting in season 2. The fans left many questions after the completion of the first season.

Hospital playlist is the latest series created from the Reply series and prison playbook. The story revolves around the friendship and lives of the five doctors in Yuljae Medical center, where life and death co-exists. Despite these, the renewal of the series is not decided by Netflix, but of its broadcaster tvN, the updated news still thrilled fans to more excitement.

It seems the series is delay because of the global pandemic. so the series taken depend upon the makers. so, the audience has to wait for the upcoming season.

There are no more doubts, that eventually give the green light for the Hospital playlist season 2 to release. Meanwhile, the other stars who acted in the Hospital playlist season one have revolved that they are excited to portray their respective character’s role once again in the upcoming season.

“It was a continuation of enjoyable moments to be able to act as the rehreshing bright and popular character Ik Joon. Please don’t forget Hospital playlist season 2”.

An important thing that will be explored in Hospital Playlist Season 2 will be, that revolves around the confession of Ik Jun’s feelings of love for Hwa. Maybe Hospital Playlist Season 2 will get an answer to this question. We all can satisfy with the director and the writer have left us on the edge of the season one ending because of the excitement that Hospital Playlist Season 2 will appear are not? We will surely get in on April 2021.The answer to who will be Joe

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