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Top 11 Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 2000 Get the best one!

Looking for the best bluetooth earphones under 2000? Owning a wireless earphone was an option until Apple came along and abolished the headphone jack.

Now owning a wireless Bluetooth earphone has become more of a necessity than just an option.

Since more and more companies are following the Apple path, we decided to chip in with a list of the twelve best wireless Bluetooth earphones under Rs.2,000 in India to make your purchase decision easier.

Spending rs 2000 or less on Bluetooth earphones gives you the freedom to select a device that provides better performance coupled with extraordinary features.  The earphone’s build quality for less than rs 2000 is high enough to make people invest prefer it. There are plenty of Bluetooth earphones available in the market. Some of the well-known brands and companies have launched the best and viable options.

Of all the options available in the market, we have picked the 10 best Bluetooth earphones of 2020 for under 2000 rupees and shared the same in this article. We understand that picking the right type of Bluetooth earphone is tough and confusing.

Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Searching for the best bluetooth earphone under 2000?

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Best Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Under Rs 2000

My personal preference – One Plus > Sony > Oppo > Realme > JBL > Mi > Boat > Leaf > Tagg.


1. OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z


best bluetooth earphones under 2000

These are the ones that I would buy for myself.

These OnePlus Wireless Z has taken the wireless earphone market by storm; they are just so popular. You must be familiar with OnePlus if you have heard of OnePlus smartphones.

1) They come with warp charge technology, which 10 hours of music in a mere 10-minute charge.

2) They come with easy pairing to your smartphone and switch easily between connected devices.

3) These come with a 9.2 mm dynamic driver and super bass tone, which provide you a rich and crisp sound experience.

4) Sweat and Water resistant, so you can easily use them during workouts and exercises.

All in all, I love the design and looks. They are available in various colors, while the sound driver is also better than existing ones in the market. Plus, the fast warp charge is simply awesome.

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2. Boat Rockerz 255 Sports Bluetooth wireless earphone

best bluetooth earphones under 2000

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Boat rockers 255 are a classic and one of the best pair of Bluetooth wireless earphones available in the market. It is an amazing pair of wireless earphones that enhance the quality of music and audio experience for the users. The boat-rockers 255 sport Bluetooth wireless earphones are lightweight to carry and use. The earphone provides an interesting experience to the users by pumping out tunes with powerful HD and deep bass sound.

The boat-rockers 255 comes with advanced Bluetooth connectivity of 4.1 versions. The functionality of bat rockerz 255 Bluetooth wireless earphones is of superior quality. When it comes to battery life, boat rockerz 255 wireless Bluetooth earphones can play up to 45 minutes with 10 minutes charge. This stylish earphone is available in multiple color options such as black, neon, ocean blue, and raging red.

The best part of boat rockerz 255 wireless earphones is that they are superior quality material accompanied by metal housing and chrome accent. The boat rockerz 255 earphone is quite different from the mainstream usage of phones. The boat-rockers 255 are coupled with a hands-free control panel enabling users to take over their auditory experience. Users of boat rockerz 255 earphones can control the volume, change tracks, answer calls, and activate SIRI or Google now.

Top Features

  • The earphone is the best companion for users to carry during travel as it is lightweight.
  • The earphones provide an edgy experience to the users with voice assistant commands.
  • The earphone comes with a 110mAH battery providing it longer battery life.

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3. Sony WI-C200

best bluetooth earphones under 2000

These are the new number one in our list, earlier they were priced above the 2k range, but now their price has come down. When you get a brand like Sony for this low, you can’t resist.

1) They come with 15-hour battery life and quick charge technology, magnetic earbuds for easy carrying.

2) 9 mm driver units for punchy and deep bass and built-in mic for hands-free calling, plus 3 button controller remote.

3) Two more great features are comfortable behind the neck and voice assistant features; you can get instant access to Siri or Google assistant.

4) 1-year warranty.

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4. Realme Buds Wireless in-Ear Bluetooth

best bluetooth earphones under 2000

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The next best wireless earphone in our best bluetooth earphones under 2000 in India is Realme buds. This is the very first wireless earphones made by the Realme Company. The Realme Buds are a magnetic earphone from a Smartphone brand in India at a budget price range.

The Realme buds come with built-in magnets, making it easy to carry and clean. The Realme buds wireless earphones are known for their durability. The earphone includes features like reinforced and breaks resistance synthetic fiber that increases its durability. The material and make of Realme buds are top-notch and can withstand everyday wear and tear.

One quality of Realme Buds that stands out is the ear tips, which bends to 45 degrees. Realme buds feel comfortable to wear for long usage. Realme Buds are made of good build quality material that is tested to ensure the earphones match the users’ expectations.

The Realme bud wireless earphones can be used for 100 minutes when charged for 10 minutes. Again Realme Buds, like the previous earphone mentioned in the article, has a large 100mAh battery, which can play up to 10 hours with 1.5 hours of charge. The 11.2 mm drivers of Realme buds wireless earphone is great for crystal clear sound clarity.  Another thing to note is, This device only provides 6 months warranty.

Top Features

  • The built-in microphone that makes answering calls convenient
  • Bluetooth wireless feature of the earphone is compatible with all devices.
  • The earphone can be used for 10 hours straight with a full battery.
  • Apart from being magnetic, realme buds come with an auto on and off feature for a good audio connection.
  • Battery backup is good.

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best bluetooth earphones under 2000

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A fierce new competitor to the lineup. One unique thing is that it comes with a Bass mode, which is said to provide outstanding bass.

1) I have also head praises for its noise cancellation, which you don’t find in other ones.

2) Mind you, this comes with LDAC with Hi-Res Audio Certification, so that you can expect some pretty good sound from these.

3) It gets paired up quickly, and comfort is alright.

4) They come with an IPX5 rating for water and dust resistance, plus 12 months of warranty.

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6. Infinity (JBL) Glide 120

best bluetooth earphones under 2000

Another quality pick from JBL Infinity is that this brand is dominating many budget audio segments with their quality products.

These are metal casing earphones with a 12 mm dynamic driver, which is bigger than the picks above.

These are quite comfortable with soft eartips, and the well-designed neckband, which sits well, doesn’t even pop out while exercising.

The bass is there but not too much while enjoying the music quality. It’s a bit lacking in highs as compared to Realme. However, it comes with 2 modes – normal and deep bass mode.

This is a bit cheaper as compared to other picks above. It comes with BT 5.0 and IPX5 Sweatproof, which is great for this price.

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7. Sony MDR-XB450 on-ear EXTRA BASS headphones

Design: On-Ear | Weight: 165 grams | Cable length: 1.2 metres | Connection: 3.5mm jack | Frequency response: 5-22,000Hz | Drivers: Dynamic (30 mm neodymium magnet) | Sensitivity: 102 dB | Impedance: 24 Ω | Battery life: N/A | Wireless range: N/A

Exceptional bass
Wide frequency response
Somewhat heavy

If you are a bass lover, the Sony MDR-XB450 on-ear headphones could be the perfect option for you under Rs 2,000. Powered by the huge 30 mm drivers, the Sony MDR-XB450 can produce bass levels unmatched in this price range.

Although the MDR-XB450 focuses primarily on bass, they deliver great output in the mids and highs.

The MDR-XB450 has well-cushioned earpads, and the metal casing adds to the looks, but the build quality may not be up there if you’re thinking long term. Still, it is a great on-ear option, especially if you’re a basshead.

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8. Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones Basic

best bluetooth earphones under 2000

1) Recently launched by Mi, wireless earphones in the budget range. These earphones are targeted towards fitness and sports use.

2) There is a 360-degree rotatable ear hook, which can be adjusted as per your comfort and the ear’s shape.

3) Mi claims to a 9 hr battery life after fully charged once.

4) Sound is great; music is enjoyable. But bass is medium, so don’t expect too much bass.

5) What makes these earphones stand out more is their futuristic design and looks.

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9. Noise Tune Active

best bluetooth earphones under 2000

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Noise is an Indian company that has been recently in the news for its good performing audio accessories in the budget segment.

The Tune active is the latest offering from Noise priced under Rs.1,500, which comes packed with many useful features, which we will talk about down below.

Design and Build Quality

The Noise Tune active has a minimalistic design that looks almost similar to many other Bluetooth earphones under Rs.2,000.

The plastic and silicone material build feels decent and durable enough for normal daily use.

The flexible neckband is made of silicone, and it sits comfortably around the neck without any skin irritation.

The earpieces themselves are magnetic and can be attached after use for easy portability.

These earpieces come with attached ear hooks to keep them safe and secure during movements or workout sessions.

Overall, the Noise Tune active’s build quality is on par when compared with its competitor products in this price range.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Noise Tune active features 10mm dynamic speaker drivers inside, which sounds very pleasing to the ears.

The bass levels are very satisfactory and feel natural without overpowering the vocals nor the treble notes.

For a casual music listener, you’ll feel right at home with this Bluetooth earphone. Be it any music genre, the speakers inside this earphone deliver the sound without any distortion.


The inline remote of this wireless earphone features a mic for hands-free voice calls, the quality of which is decent, to say the best.

The remote has three dedicated buttons with multi-press support to trigger various actions, including a voice assistant summon.

Since this phone is IPX5 water and sweat resistant, you can easily take them out without thinking twice.

The Tune active supports multi-device pairing, and it will switch seamlessly between those devices automatically.

Battery life

The Li-ion battery inside the Tune active is rated to last up to 10 hours on a single charge.

Realistically we’d advise you to expect anywhere between 8-10 hours with normal usage.

This battery takes about 1.5 hours to charge from zero to a hundred percent completely.


The Noise Tune active is a budget Bluetooth earphone with weatherproof construction and tonally balanced sound output.

The long-lasting battery is, for sure, one of the main selling points of this earphone, along with excellent sound quality.

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 10. Mivi Thunderbeats

best bluetooth earphones under 2000

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Mivi is a Hyderabad based company specialized in marketing high-quality audio products, mainly wireless Bluetooth earphones, cables, and speakers.

The Thunderbeats from Mivi is one of the entry-level Bluetooth earphones priced just under Rs.1,500 in India.

Design and Build Quality

One thing we must admit, Mivi earphones are one of the best when it comes to building quality on a budget.

The earpiece casing is made from lightweight metal alloy and has magnetic end caps to keep them locked while not in use.

The flat style cable is very comfortable to be worn around the neck. Mivi offers a solid carrying case in the box to keep the earphones safe while in transit.

The included ear fins will help these earphones stay snug inside the ears even when you are engaged in many physical movements.

Mivi doesn’t mention the IP ratings but claims that the earphone is sweat proof, which might be a concern for some who want to use these earphones outdoors.

If you are all in for premium build quality, the Mivi thunder beats aces it comfortably in its price segment.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The 10mm speakers inside the Mivi Thunderbeats earphone is a treat to the bass heads.

This is one of the best budget Bluetooth earphones with accurate and punchy bass output in this price range.

The mids and vocals sound decent, to say the least. The stage separation is a bit concerning but not an issue if the bass is your primary priority.

The sound profile is clean and without any distortions, even at maximum volume levels.


The Mivi Thunderbeats has an in-line remote with three buttons for media playback and calls controls.

These buttons offer multi-press gestures to skip tracks backward and forward.

The Mivi Thunderbeats can be paired to two different devices at once. But if you want to connect a third device, you might want to reset the earphones.

Battery Life

The Mivi Thunderbeats will last for up to seven hours on a single charge. This can vary from one person to another, depending upon the usage patterns.

It takes around one and a half hours to charge this battery from zero to a hundred completely.


The Mivi Thunderbeats is a budget Bluetooth earphone with robust build quality built for bassheads to enjoy EDMs and other bass-heavy tracks.

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11. Leaf Ear 

best bluetooth earphones under 2000

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Best Form Factor, great for sports

1) For the people who don’t like a large hook around their ears, Leaf Bluetooth earphones can be a perfect solution.

2) To bring a snug fit to the earphones, the company has included in-ear hooks that fit inside your ears without bothering you much.

3) It has a metallic unibody and soft ear tips for the most comfortable music listening session.

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