The real truth behind the Lori Loughlin scandal. Is she going to prison for long time?

Lori Loughlin and his husband Mossimo Giannulli was caught in between the Scandal. We all know parents can do anything for their children. Lori and Giannulli just took it to the next level. The couple have been pleaded guilty to charges in the college admission scandal. They are waiting for the judge to accept their plead.

The sources confirmed that Giannulli was the mastermind behind the whole process. But Lori was fully aware of what he is doing. She was supporting her at each step. The scheming was all done by Giannulli and it also involves several other rich parents. They all bribe the Consultant of California college admission. They bribe the William Rick singer, to secure the seat for their children.


On Friday, they pleaded guilty to all the charges pressed against them. However, the couple has given different sentences. The couple just want the things to get over and get over with the whole situation. Loughlin was given 2 months in prison, and she has to pay 150,000$ fine and had to complete 100 hrs of community. Giannulli was given 6 months of prison, and he has to pay 250,000$ fine and had to complete 250 hrs of community service.

Well, the good thing about it was that they agree to all the thing. The couple deeply regret what they have done. The source claimed that “This experience has taken a huge emotional and physical toll on both of them”. He further added, “They want to serve their sentences, pay their dues and put this behind them”. All I need to say is do good things for your kids but don’t go too far.

That’s all for now, for more information stay tuned and stay safe.