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Oxygen Goes Inside Case of Betty Broderick, Who Killed Ex-Husband and His New Wife in Their Bed

Betty Broderick was a notable socialite carrying on with an enchanted life in San Diego. She was hitched to Dan Broderick, an effective lawyer. The couple had four youngsters and lived in a sumptuous home. She was dynamic in the network. Yet, things self-destructed following 17 years of marriage, when Dan revealed to Betty that he needed a separation. Months after the fact, he wedded his 20-something secretary, Linda, who many said resembled a more youthful rendition of his ex.

The split sent Broderick into a spiral. On November 5, 1989, she snuck into her ex’s home conveying a Smith and Wesson pistol. Discovering him and his new spouse, Linda, in bed, she started shooting. Two shots hit Linda in the head and chest, murdering her in a flash; one slug hit Dan in the chest. He kicked the bucket in the blink of an eye a short time later. Dan was 44; Linda was 28.

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This Dec. 10, 1991 record photograph shows Elisabeth “Betty” Broderick, focus, grinning as the jury peruses its decision alongside her lawyer, Jack Earley, right. The lady at left is unidentified. Two decades after Betty Broderick drew national consideration for lethally shooting her ex and his new spouse in their bed, and the previous San Diego socialite has her first date with a parole board Thursday, Jan. 21, 2010.

Betty Broderick was 41 when she shot her significant other. She never denied the executing, however, said she had been rolled over the edge by long stretches of physical and mental maltreatment on account of her ex. She was indicted for two checks of second-degree murder and condemned to 32 years to life in jail.

Over three decades later, Oxygen is discharging a scene of their long-running show, Snapped, which centres around the scandalous case. The scene will include specialists, a previous analyst/person on call and those nearest to the Broderick family while Broderick couldn’t do an on-camera talk with, she composed a 4-page manually written letter in 2017, communicating disappointment at her proceeded with imprisonment.