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Cardi B Offers Her POV On The Death Of George Floyd And Pledges $20,000 To Direct COVID-19 Relief

Cardi B has never shy about sharing her perspectives on recent developments and with the ongoing police executing of George Floyd and resulting uprising in Minnesota, the Bronx rapper has by and by ringed in to give setting and recommend a potential arrangement. She opened her most recent Instagram video with her response to the uprisings surpassing Minnesota, saying that she’s “terrified” of the pictures, yet that she gets it.

Cardi even tosses in a self-belittling reference to her own propensity for presenting recordings accordingly on shamefulness. However, she doesn’t leave it there, reminding her watchers that the most control they have is through the current frameworks. Cardi B says that she understands why rioters are protesting so violently in Minnesota. She says that this intensity means that people will finally listen to the voices of these black activists and that these issues will receive some recognition. She also acknowledges that police brutality has been an issue for black people from even since before she was born.

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These protests in Minneapolis, Minnesota are in response to the murder of George Floyd, an innocent black man who was strangled to death by a police officer. This death is symptomatic of the violent police system that exists in America that targets black people who are ten times more likely to be assaulted by police officers – the very people who are supposed to protect them. The murderers of George Floyd did not receive any punishment and were simply put on paid leave. Basically, they got paid vacation for killing an innocent man, simply because he had black skin.

In a prior video, Cardi additionally declared her organization with GoGiveaways clarifying that they are parting with $20,000 to four individuals whose lives were affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.