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Beautiful and talented teen,19, hanged herself as she was ‘terrified of losing her freedom’ in coronavirus lockdown, Get Here The Full News Updates –

The lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic is making people stressed and taking away their freedom. Well, teenagers are feeling more depressed and alone during the lockdown. A 19-year-old teenage girl attempted suicide and hanged herself as she was so much terrified of losing her freedom. She took her own life due to anxiety and depression.

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Full News Details About a Teenage Girl who Hanged Herself As She Was ‘Terrified of Losing Her Freedom’-

Emily Owen who was just a 19-year-old girl looking forward to her future had taken her life in this lockdown. She was found hanged on the 18th of March by her mother and sister at their family home in Shouldham, Norfolk. Emily was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn but she failed to regain her consciousness and died four days later on the 22nd of March. Well, before her death Emily’s family had decided to self-isolate as one of her sisters had a cough. According to Emily’s father Timothy Owen, she struggled with mental health difficulties and also diagnosed with autism in 2018.

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The family had been preparing to move to Cornwall, with Emily looking forward to the fresh start. Emily’s father told that her daughter was very excited to make a new start and was also looking forward to a bright future. But then on the 16th of March, the UK went into partial lockdown and people were advised to avoid social contact. And then on March 23, the UK went into full lockdown when everyone was told that they “must” stay at home.

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The cause of her death as told by senior coroner Jacqueline Lake was the worry and distress. Emily thought that the restrictions due to pandemic lockdown will take away all her freedom and this caused so much anxiety and depression inside her mind. Emily’s elder sister said “She couldn’t cope with her world closing in and plans being canceled and being stuck inside. It terrified her.” Emily’s family mentioned her on Facebook that “our beautiful, funny, talented, and a little bit crazy daughter and sister.” They also said, “We are all absolutely devastated but also immensely proud of everything she achieved in her life”.

She suffered autism so she helped so many others to cope up with it. A lot of people messaged after her death about how she helped them through hard times of their own. The fear of losing freedom caused such a beautiful and cheerful girl to hang herself. The government has taken steps in this regard to help such teenagers during the pandemic lockdown.