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Van Halen Icon Sammy Hagar Shares A Sad Situation Which Is Real About His Birthday!!!!!!!

Very most exciting days in a year are mostly our birthdays where we feel special about ourselves frankly speaking where I feel most excited on that day where I just want to learn new things at least this year with an ambitious nature where I ask God every year:)))

I hope mostly my readers also feel the same where the situations of birthday are like super excited…….So, your guess is right where our article is about birthday celebrations and situations of celebrations in this pandemic situations. Let’s check it out!!!!

Who Is Sammy Hagar???

Samuel Roy Hagar is popularly known as SAMMY HAGAR; a well known American song-writer and entrepreneur. Also known as THE RES ROCKER. Hagar came to limelight in the 1970s with the hard rock band Montrose where he launched a successful solo career till now.


Sammy Hagar is a family man who prioritizes his family first more than anything where his posts simply reflect it too wherein his self-quarantine period he spent more time with his family and gave his experience like spending family time makes you a complete man where we can release all our stress out!!!! It’s completely right and the fact where we all experienced it…


What He Is Saying!!!!

Sammy Hagar captioned one of his posts on Instagram as a vacation with family#alaska#enjoying; based on his posts one of his fans commented like to know his age and ho who is doing it great!!!! Based on the comment he gave a reply where he gives replies to the comments from his fans.

The comment is like”PICTURE 6..HOW OLD ARE YOU?” and adding to it the comment ended with asking for a birthday bash where she remained his birthday in October. Answering the comment Hagar replied as he will be 73 by this October where he is not celebrating his birthday due to the pandemic where he will give tine to daily and spend his birthday with them which shows the affectionate emotions towards his family.

Answering another comment Hagar says he prioritizes his time for spending with his family was no birthday celebration this year which is sad but true.

Concluding our article spending time with family is a great opportunity many of us where in our busy lives many of us never think about it!!!!! So, enjoy this period with having  a great time with family where these memories are lifetime:)))




enjoy lyf is my only moto and goal in lyf not ot rush and hurry bfor it,enjoy the moment, moments r precious in lyf