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Horizon Forbidden West : When will the sequel to the Horizon Zero Dawn be released? All you need to know!

Developed by Guerrilla Games, Horizon Zero Dawn is a role playing action game. It was first released in 2017 as a game for the PlayStation 4 console by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The game with it’s wide open-world gameplay, in depth storyline and breathtaking visuals was the talk of the town when it was launched. Critics seemed to have fallen in love with this game. During it’s release week in UK, it was the best selling videogame. Japan also saw a huge craze for the game and close to 117,000 copies of the game were sold by the first week. A number of Awards followed, including the Game Developers Choice Awards and the 14th British Academy Games Awards.


Set in the 31st century, the game features a post apocalyptic world. The world is run by machines whereas Humans live in scattered civilisations with limited access to technology. The Earth is dominated by machines and the humans remember their ancestors as “Old Ones”. Machines and humans live in harmony. However, Humans do hunt down machines sometimes in order to utilise their parts.

Out of nowhere, a sudden phenomenon called “Derangement” causes the machines to become evermore aggressive towards Humans. Newer, deadlier machines start appearing.


Aloy is the name of the Playable character of the game. He kills other machines and is one of the Hunters. The main motive of the user is to kill machines. It can be done in various ways, depending upon the preference of the user. The user can charge upon the machine or use stealth to defeat them. They can also throw projectiles on them. The game possesses quite an expansive map.


At the PS5 future of gaming event held on 12th June this year, the game was finally announced! An official name has also been given to the game, Horizon Forbidden West. The game will initially be released as a PS5 exclusive. However, insiders suggest that the game might not be released this year. Early next year seems to be the probable time of release.

Let’s hope it is released soon.