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Star season 4 is officially cancelled!..announcement made. more news in the article.

Star is an American television series that revolves around talented lady singers. Written by lee daniels and tom Donaghy the series is about young talented singers who navigate the music business on their road to success.

The series premiered in 2016 made Amiah Scott, the third openly transgender person to play a trans major character in scripted television series.

The television vulture is currently looking into cancellation of the fourth series, and here’s what we know about the news.


What’s this tv show about?

Airing on FOX television series, the star is a relatively big show with a sprawling cast, which includes Queen Latifah, Benjamin Bratt, Jude Demorest, Amiyah Scott, Stephen Dorff, and Luke James. Star has also had some notable guest stars, including Lenny Kravitz, Tyrese Gibson, Missy Elliot, Big Boi, Naomi Campbell, and more.

The cast has made the show an expensive endeavor for fox. The fact that made the series musically on the point made star appealing for the viewers.

The show revolves around three young girls cut-throat music business. The plot mainly revolves around the music business and how events turn out when the family involves in the business.

Great story, fantastic singing, exciting plotlines sum up the series. Despite the best efforts of the series creator lee daniels, season 4 of the series is canceled and will not be saved. This announcement is made by lee in his Instagram video.


Producer and director lee daniel on Friday announced that his musical drama series was officially canceled by Fox earlier this year. He declared that the series would be coming back as “movie of the week”.

Daniel declared that he has been trying to shop the series elsewhere and ultimately failed to do so. but he promised that

“We’re going to make something extraordinary for you to scream about with all of our cast members — even the dead ones.”

hope the surprise at least satisfies the fans.

Please take a look at his video.