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Overlord season 4 is on its way. Cast, Plot, detail and everything else you should know.

Overlord is a Japanese anime adjustment dependent on the light novel arrangement series by Kugane Maruyama and showed by so-canister. The anime arrangement was adjusted by the liveliness studio Madhouse. At present, the series has 3 seasons where Season 1 was originally debuted in 2015. The subsequent season circulated in the half of 2018 and the third season turned out in the last 50% of 2018.

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Overlord’s scriptwriter Yukie Sugawara uncovered and discussed the chance of a fourth season during AnimagiC 2019 in Germany and expressed that it was ‘very prone’ to be created.

In any case, regardless of that concise uplifting news, Overlord has not been formally restored by the makers or the studio, so its destiny despite everything hangs carefully. Without an official affirmation, fans can’t expect Season 4 to show up this year in 2020. Indeed, even a 2021 discharge appears to be improbable except if the producers don’t report its reestablishment during the late long periods of 2020.

Storyline: What Will Happen in Overlord Season 4? 

Before the finish of Season 3, we saw that Ainz had discovered the Sorcerer Kingdom with Albedo and different NPCs swearing partnership to him. Ainz, in any case, will experience issues with keeping up this newly discovered immense Kingdom and that is the place Albedo steps in, as his correct hand to fortify the Kingdom’s position.

Overlord Season 4 will most likely observe Albedo preparing the Elder Liches as open authorities of the Sorcerer Kingdom. This, yet she will likewise turn out to be increasingly engaged with political issues in Season 4 in the event that it depends on the occasions of Volume 10 of the light novel.


To know more details about the show, watch the video above. The show is set to be released on NetFlix.

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