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Explosion at homes in Baltimore kills 1 person and injures 7 others, Here are the Details about News –

Baltimore is a city in Maryland that is famous in the world for its crab houses. It is a great place to get settle because of low living costs and educational opportunities. This place has a tradition of getting friends together and they pick fresh crabs. The economy of this city is not good enough as so many residents are in prison. Baltimore’s 24% of the population is below the poverty line and has high crime rates. After Chicago, Baltimore has the highest rate of violent crime and murders. Nearly 17000 houses or buildings are still abandoned in Baltimore. The National Aquarium in Baltimore is famous for its marine creatures. There are museums, restaurants and so many places to visit here. Some areas of Baltimore are considered safe and are developed so much. It is famous for its delicious crabs and crab cakes. There are 10 worst neighborhoods in Baltimore.

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Baltimore Explosion at Homes Kills 1 Person and 7 Others Get Injuries –

Well, the main cause of the gas explosion is still not revealed. During the Monday night, the Baltimore neighborhood suffered from a gas explosion causing one death and 6 serious injuries. The other six were hospitalized in a serious state.

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The Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. stated that no leaks were found on the gas main and also no gas readings were found in any buildings. There was no gas leaking odor found before the explosion by the people. The inspection is still going in nearby areas also. The fire officials are responding to a gas explosion on Labyrinth Road near Reisterstown Road and they were called to the scene before 10 a.m.

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After this incident, the Gas company has undertaken the initiative to change the old pipelines as it is the oldest Gas company in Baltimore. The main cause is still not revealed but it is necessary to change the worst pipelines to avoid such accidental explosions.