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The Former Cellmates Of Jodi Arias Reveal all the truth about her wining the Guard’s favour!!! Here’s all the update!

Who is Arias? Do you remember her? Well after the shocking news about her killing her ex-boyfriend came everybody knows who she is.

Arias got jailed due to killing her ex- boyfriend. She stabbed him 27 times before she shot him on the head. After this she even denied the murder saying it was just self-defence. All of this made her known as a coldblooded killer. Recently her cellmates Donovan Bering and Tracy Brown Bering have come out in public to talk about some matters which were unknown to public.

After twelve years, they want to talk about the experience of Arias with them. They are now appearing in a new Lifetime documentary, “Jodi Arias: Cellmate Secrets.”

In that documentary, it was clearly stated about the things she did and how she got away with things the other didn’t get away with. They said being a very attractive, young girl Arias liked to flirt and the male guards just ate it up.

They also said about how she did a jailhouse striptease. Continuing Tracy said, “Jodi stood up, took her clothes off and danced with me”.

Donovan was accused accessory which changed to arson. Tracy was imprisoned for kidnapping. They had tattoos by personally inked and signed by Arias which reminded them of their association with her. They also mention about her using mascara and lead from a pencil, which she sharpened into a needle and used to make the tattoos and some paintings.

Jodi Arias was sentenced to life on 13 April 2015. There was no any possibility of parole for such a woman. Donovan and Tracy say she got what she deserved. When Donovan was asked about Arias if she is pure evil? Then she said “Absolutely”. Maybe we can guess why she says so.