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Horizon Zero Dawn 2: Get Here Every Details, Latest Updates, Release Date and Plot of the Game –

The Director of the game Horizon Zero Dawn is Mathijs De Jonge. It is an action role-playing game. The publisher of the Game is Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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The developer of the game is Guerrilla Games. The engine used in the game is Decima. The platforms to play the game are PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. This game has received an achievement award in videogame writing by the Writers Guild of America Award and others. It is one of the best selling PlayStation 4 games. The producer of the game is Lambert Wolterbeek Muller and the programmer of the game is Michiel Van Der Leeuw. The writers of the game are John Gonzalez and Ben McCaw. The mode of the game is a single-player and the genre of the game is action role-playing. The composers of the game are Jori’s de Man, The Flight, Niels van der Leest and Jonathan Williams. The artist of the game is Jan-Bart van Beek.

Release Date-

Horizon Zero Dawn was released on 28th February 2017 on the PlayStation 4. And later in 2020, it was released on Microsoft Windows on 7th August 2020. Well, the release date for Horizon Zero Dawn 2 has not been revealed yet. The official trailer of the Horizon Zero Dawn 2 has been released on 12th June 2020. So, in the upcoming year 2021, the game will release for the PlayStation 5.



The plot of the game depends upon the third-person perspective. In the game, there is a hunter Aloy who overrun by machines. Aloy a young woman sets up to uncover her past. The player of the game can use weapons, spear, and stealth to fight against enemies and mechanical creatures. The trailer has been released and the Horizon 2 is going to be gigantic. Well, the plot will be going to be very interesting and the players enjoy definitely playing with it.

Those who were eagerly waiting for part two half of the game can only satisfy themselves by watching its trailer. And in the coming year 2021 maybe they can enjoy their gameplay. So, don’t lose hope and keep waiting for the Horizon Zero Dawn 2.