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Anime series Solo Leveling Season 2 is going to release, check this article to know more about the series

Solo leveling is an anime series that was successfully hit. The audience loves this anime series without any hater so its makers decided to make the sequel that is solo leveling season 2. when is it gonna release? who are the new casts? what will be the story? know everything that you want to learn, just keep reading.

solo leveling season 2 realeasing
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when it is gonna release?
Solo leveling is a South Korean series that is made in the English version also. it is based on a web novel written by Chingong. after the novel, the makers convert this novel into web series. it became very popular in its first season which released in 2018 now the makers are working on the new season. well, its releasing dates are still not decided but it might release in this year. its official trailer is also not out. we have to wait for the new season.
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is there any new cast?

This whole series revolves around the character named sung-jing Woo. He is the national hunter that hunts the monsters. we can’t surely say anything about the new characters because there is no official announcement of the new cast. But the audience supposing that maybe there will new monsters come across and introduced as anew character. Now, wait for the trailer that will reveal the new cast of the series. hope so you will love that new character.
What will be the storyline?
This is a horror series based on the monsters and one hunter. Sung-jing woo’s father was missing in the previous series. so in season 2, they will appear, hoping. now the story has not been revealed. So fans are just wondering that what would happen in the next series. you can suppose the story and entertain yourself to remembering the story of this series.
Wait for the trailer and new season, until then imagine the new characters and monsters according to you. soon the makers announce the series. And keep yourself updated with our page, we will let you know more about series, movies, and games.