HomeBusinessKourtney kardashian's son seems to have finally gotten his new hair cut. Read the article to know more about his haircut and audience's review on it.

Kourtney kardashian’s son seems to have finally gotten his new hair cut. Read the article to know more about his haircut and audience’s review on it.

Kourtney Kardashian son, Reign used to be in limelight for his long hair at such a young age. Kourtney used to always defend his sons right for his long hair, but now it seems that she longer has to defend his sons right.

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Whenever Kourtney used to upload a pic with her son, there used to be chaos in the comment section about his hair.

Back in April 2019, Kardashian reverted to an analyst who expressed, “Bruh…cut your child’s hair…smh.” To which she replied with her famous slogan, “Most exquisite hair on earth any individual who says something else ABCDEFG.” But now the things have turned a complete 180 degrees.

No more long hair on Kourtney’s son, Reign.

In a recent Instagram post, Kardashian flaunted Reign Disick’s new look, which is a buzzcut. Her caption said everything: “I am not alright.” The caption seems a bit emotional for a mother who saw her son in long hair for a long time.


Kardashian shows no difference between daughter and son.

Kardashian’s little girl, Penelope, too got her first haircut a bit late. In February 2019, Kardashian declared that Penelope was getting her absolute first haircut at the age of 6, so it wouldn’t have been long until her younger sibling, Reign, was stuck with this same pattern.

Reign got many praises for his new hair cut.

Kardashian didn’t offer any clarification on why did Reign’s hair got slashed off, despite the fact that the Audience was beseeching here for more data about the 5-year-old’s change.

As indicated by Entertainment Tonight, buddies Hailey Bieber and Khadijah Malik offered sweet comments to the trim, stating, “omggggg the cutest” and “Yet he’s so attractive.” Kacey Musgraves included, “Angel Baby.”

Its no doubt that Reign was cute with his long hair but is also cutest with his new hairstyle.


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